Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Don is writing the post this time!  

It was a sunny day in Ukambani. Most days are. This part of Kenya gets little rainfall which makes it difficult to grow food. Pastor Amos Wingi had taken us outside a small, remote village called Katulani. We were walking from hut to hut visiting with those that were most in need of food. We had bought 200 pounds of maise (corn) which is the most staple part of their diet. Each family that we visit will get enough to provide for them for several days. 

As we approached a hut a woman welcomed us warmly. “Karibu!”, she said. Her home was a small structure built from brick. Bricks in this area are the easiest building material to acquire. The red soil here is very full of clay. The people mix the soil with water, form the stiff mud into bricks and let them air dry. Then they stack them into a structure the shape of an oven with an open passage on the bottom where they build a fire to harden the bricks. Her home was maybe 8 by 10 feet with a roof made of straw. There is no kitchen inside; she cooks outside. There is no toilet inside, but a small community outhouse nearby. No electricity. No running water. The people that live in this area have to walk some distance to hand carry the water for their daily needs.

She was holding a baby in her arms as we began to share the gospel message with her. Her acceptance of Christ or even listening to us is not a requirement for our gift of food, but she listened eagerly and her eyes began to moisten when she said “I want to be a Christian.” We are tremendously thrilled when people realize that we are here because the God that sent us loves them. Life is hard in Ukambani. People struggle just for food, water and shelter. There are no luxuries here, only survival. Like this woman, many people turn to the local witch doctor for their spiritual needs. They need some kind of hope, but the hope that the witch doctor can provide is severely lacking and they know it. 

Knowing her current reliance on the witch doctor, I asked this woman if she was sure that she wanted to be a Christian. The reason I asked is because I know that she cannot serve both the spirits of the witch doctor and Jesus Christ. I warned her that if she accepted Christ today, then she cannot return to the witch doctor. She knew this. Tears rolled down her cheeks and onto her clothing. She said, “Yes, I want to become a Christian.” At that point, her teenage daughter who had been listening walked up with tears in her eyes and told us, “I want to be a Christian, also.”  

Emotional prayers of repentance that are forgotten by tomorrow are not what we seek. We look for a life changing event in a person’s life that will build them into a true disciple of Jesus Christ. We want them to find the relationship with Christ that will not only give them eternal life, but fill their life here on this earth with hope, joy, and peace. Didn’t Jesus tell us “Go into all the world and MAKE DISCIPLES…”? 

This pastor lives far from the people he works with and he has no means of transport except walking for hours or hiring motorcycle transport which he can little afford as he is very poor himself. We are praying that God will put it on someone’s heart to give $1,000 to purchase a motorcycle for him. Your gifts into the ministry of Burning Plow, no matter how large or small, help make it possible for us to reach people like this family in Katulani.  Please ask God how you can help.  And pray for all those working with Burning Plow Ministries.


Don (and Becky) Cameron


Friday, November 2, 2012


In March this year we (Burning Plow) helped Pastor Vincent Mokayo plant a new church in Kawaida, Kenya.  We provided the rent and food for lunches on Sundays.  Pastor Vincent moved his family into the community and he sold one of his own cows to purchase a sound system for the new church.
Don taught basic Christian doctrines each Sunday afternoon.  The Sunday after he taught on baptism 16 believers made the walk to the river near the church and followed Christ in baptism. 
In September Pastor Vincent asked us to return for the baptism of an additional 23 believers!  
In the last 8 months the church has grown so much that they can no longer fit all the children and adults in the building at one time.  They have plans to enlarge the building when funds are available.  But this has not stopped Pastor Vincent from continuing to reach out into the community.   He has formed home groups and is training leaders to evangelise their neighborhoods.  While we are here in the US Silas Odinga is showing The Jesus Film in these home groups.  Please join us in praying that more people in Kawaida will come to know Christ personally.
We are excited that the work we started in Kawaida is continuing while we are here.  This is more of the “good ground” God has given us to work in Kenya.
Becky & Don Cameron


Thursday, October 25, 2012


A big “thank you” goes to Melissa Gross for inviting me (Becky) to speak at the ladies retreat October 12th and 13th at Faith Fellowship in Lucas, TX and arranging for Don to preach there on October 14th.  We were so warmly received and very encouraged.   

After Don spoke I was approached by the adult leader for the Stars  (the older girls class that meets on Wednesday night).  The leader explained that her girls were studying Africa this month and would love to hear from a missionary.  Of course I said yes!  She was so excited and invited the others girl classes to join hers.  When the leader of the boys program, Royal Rangers, heard I was coming they wanted Don to speak to the boys.  So Wednesday night  we  were privileged to share Kenya with over 25 school age children plus adults.

We gave the children bracelets made by children in Pastor Vincent’s church in Kawaida, Kenya.  They were a great hit with everyone.  The Kenyan children had enclosed a Bible verse with each bracelet. 
I was given cash from the girls in the Stars class to buy a Bible for someone in Kenya.  In Don’s class a young boy gave him money from his pocket and said, “Buy someone a Bible”.  It was so encouraging to know that these children are already investing their time and money to bless others and further the Gospel.
Before the end of class Don asked the boys to gather around him and pray for him and the people of Kenya.  He was so touched as he heard the voices of the children praying for our work and the people in Kenya.
We want to thank Pastor Luke Crain for allowing us to speak to his church and the children.  We honor him and his loving and generous congregation.  Our prayer is that God will bless them and their children as they follow after Christ.
I plan to post updates on some of the projects we did in Kenya before we left.  I’m sorry for the delay!  Hopefully being settled down here at the farm house I will get more reports out!
In His service,
Becky & Don Cameron

Friday, October 19, 2012

Where Are Don & Becky?

(Hi everyone! Melissa Gross here. I’ve hijacked Don & Becky’s blog to give you a quick update on what they have been up to since their arrival back in Texas 10 days ago!)
Yes, you read that correctly - Don & Becky are back in the States. They've been here 10 days, but in true Cameron fashion they have not been still for very long. After the long trip from Nairobi to Dallas, they arrived on Tuesday evening, October 9th, and spent the next two days dealing with things like getting their cell phones turned on, "settling" in Rockwall, and fighting the inevitable results of jet lag. They also attended the Global Advance dinner.

Friday and Saturday, Becky attended the fall ladies' retreat at Faith Fellowship in Lucas, Texas. I taught on the topic of God's call to serve, and Becky shared how
God had called her and Don to full-time missions in Kenya and how He confirmed that calling. She also shared how God had equipped them over the past few years for full-time ministry. It was truly a blessing to be able to share time with her, and each of the ladies at the retreat was blessed by her testimonies.

On Sunday, Don & Becky were at our church to minister again, this time Don spoke at our morning worship service. He shared about the work they are doing in Kenya and how they provide physical and spiritual food in order to share the love of Christ. 

After we feasted on Mexican food for lunch, they headed out to pack once again. Monday morning, they were back at DFW on their way to Louisville, Kentucky, for the Kingsway Fellowship Convention. They actually spent several extra hours at the airport since their 6 am flight was cancelled and they had to wait until 12:30 to head out. They've spent the past four days at the convention in Kentucky and will arrive back in Dallas today!

So, now you can understand why you might not have seen or heard from Don & Becky just yet. Fortunately for us, they will be in the States until the end of the year, so there will be many opportunities to visit and reconnect!

Monday, October 8, 2012


We are glad to report that the roof of the church pastored by Peter Mbiti is complete.  The roof of Pastor Ambrose Wingi's church should be completed this next week.

As sometimes happens, things do not go as planned.  Pastor Ambrose's roof was to be completed BEFORE our Revelation seminar in September.  However, we were able to "make do" with tarps provided by church members.  Thankfully it didn't rain during the day so it was fine.
We were so blessed by those who God prompted to give.  We are amazed how He does it.  Over half of the cost for this project came through special gifts.  We are thankful that God hears the prayers of his people!
Please continue to pray for us as we are returning to Texas until the first of January.  We look forward to seeing family and friends and sharing what God is doing here in Kenya!
In His service,
Don and Becky Cameron 


Friday, August 24, 2012



In November of  last year (2011) Don met with these two pastors from Ukambani who we had known for many years.  They told us people in their community were starving.  We felt God wanted us to help.  We shared our concern for the hungry on Facebook.  A friend in France saw the post and donated the amount we gave the pastors!  That meeting changed the course of our ministry. 

When we returned to Kenya in April of 2012 these two pastors told us stories about how they had both used the food (corn and beans) to share the love of Christ with the poorest in their villages.  Not only did they bless those in their churches; they blessed the unbelievers as well.  More than one person accepted Christ.  The food changed lives for eternity.

We have seen both these pastors give to others in their community and encourage their members to give.  We have preached in their churches and have packed out the buildings.  We now want to bless their congregations by putting a roof on their buildings.  The iron sheets will waterproof their churches.  They built the walls with hand made bricks, held fund raisers and personally gave sacrificially to build a place of worship for their growing congregations.

We wanted to give our friends and family the opportunity to join us in this project.   The people of these two villages have worked hard to build their churches in an area that struggles with lack of food and water.  They have done what they can; and more.  We want to help top it off.  We estimate that it will cost $1,500 US to roof both churches.

If you would like to join us you can donate to Burning Plow Ministries at or via mail at PO Box 642, Lancaster, TX 75146. 

Thanks for reading this and as God leads, giving to bless those who are blessing others.

In HIS service,

Don & Becky Cameron  


Friday, August 17, 2012


Gee, I can't believe I have not posted anything since July 1st.  Time has really flown!

The highlight of July was our family came to see us!!!  Our son Rob, Stacy, Maddie and Cody arrived July 27th.  They came to see the work and minister with us.  They ministered in Kibwezi, Namelok, Kawaida and Nairobi.

Stacy read the story of Noah to the children in Kibwezi.  The entire family helped with the craft.  They made bracelets to remind them of God's promise of the rainbow.
Rob and Cody helped deliver food to a very needy family who we met last year.  Silas and Pastor Shadrack went with us.
Cody and Maddie helped give out Bibles to the Saturday Children's Bible Class.  This little boy was so exacted!  He was the last one to get a Bible that day!

Rob preached his first sermon on God's grace.  We are so proud of him and his desire to share his faith.

The school children in Namelok welcomed Cody and Maddie.  They were very excited to have visitors.

As you can imagine we are thrilled that our family came and actually participated in the work God has given us.  We would welcome others to come and see first-hand what God is doing through Burning Plow Ministries.

I will be posting more in a few days!  God has truly given us many opportunities.  We appreciate your prayers and participation!

In HIS service,

Don & Becky Cameron

Sunday, July 1, 2012


This is truly our desire, that God will reveal to us those who He wants to help.  God hasn't failed to do just that for us.

Many have told us that there is so much need here in Africa that we "can't help everyone."  While that is true; that does not allow us to turn our back on those God puts in our path.  We are blessed to see and act on God's prompting.

Allen, is an example of God's leading.  When Don was with Pastor Vincent at a weekly home Bible study Allen's mother approached Don about Allen's need for an rectal repair operation.  Allen's father had deserted the family and his mom had no hope of paying for a doctor's visit, much less  an operation.  She had sent Allen to live with relatives in her home area because he needed more care than she could provide and work 6 days a week. 

Pastor Vincent suggested Allen be returned to Nairobi so he could be examined.  Burning Plow paid for Allen's public transport to Nairobi and the examination fee.  When we were told the estimated cost, we wondered if this was a good use of the ministry's funds.  The answer from the Lord came back loud and clear, "How can we NOT help?"  So, after Bible class 3 weeks ago, we drove Allen and his Mom to Nazareth Hospital near their home on the tea plantation.  His operation was the next day and thankfully the surgery was a success!  We returned the next Saturday to transport them back to their home.  We now see Allen each Sunday at the Bible class in Kawaida. Our obedience to God’s call cost approximately $270 US. 

Can we help every child in the area that needs an operation?  No, but we can't not help those God directs us to.  Thank you to all our friends and family that make it possible for us to help those God directs us to.  

In His service,

Becky & Don   

Saturday, June 30, 2012


On Sunday morning, June 24th, I taught the ladies Bible study on Psalm 1 at the Kawaida church. This was a stretch for me, but God was faithful and the ladies were encouraged. Pastor Vincent was the only man allowed only because I had to have an interpreter!  I’ve promised to return in July to teach on the role of women according to the Bible.

Don brought the sermon in the very full building! There are new people coming each week. People are inviting their friends, neighbors and co-workers. This is such a good sign that the church is taking root in the community. Praise God!

After lunch Don taught on water baptism to a packed house. There was good discussion on the Biblical references of baptism. Next Sunday (July 1st) Pastor Vincent is offering water baptism in a nearby river. Seven candidates have signed up. Sunday will be a great day of rejoicing in Kawaida!

Burning Plow is providing Bibles for those who are baptized. We thank LakeShore Church in Rockwall (our home church) for providing the funds for the Bibles! It is so encouraging to have our home church partner with us! A Bible is a prized possession here in Kenya, not all believers have one. Please pray those who receive Bibles will use it to grow closer to God and reach out to others!

Also please continue to pray for us as we seek God’s direction in all we do here in Kenya. We are blessed that He is allowing us to see Him at work!


Don and Becky Cameron

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


It occurred to me this morning that I have not been keeping everyone up to date on what we have been doing since we returned to Kenya in April.  To relate just the highlights is daunting because God has given us so many opportunities to serve Him!

Kawaida Church –We provide a meal of beans and maize (corn) and Don teaches Bible class each Sunday afternoon.  I’ll be teaching the ladies on Sunday mornings starting on June 24th.

ABC Children’s Aid – We teach Bible to the children in the ABC orphanage here in Nairobi each Saturday.   

ABC School in Namelok – Burning Plow provides school lunches for the 120+ students and staff for the new ABC school in this remote Maasai village near the Tanzanian border.  Each month we travel to the area, purchase the maize (corn), beans and porridge for the school children and teach an adult Bible study.

Now that I’ve given you an overview of our new work I’ll be posting details about these and other outreaches.  How God has led us into these outreaches is an amazing story of His direction.

Along the way, God has also given us many opportunities to bless the poor, provide medical care and give Bibles to believers. 

Thank you to those who pray for us and give to help make the outreaches possible.  We have launched Burning Plow Ministries’ website this month.  Check it out at  We added a link on the website for those who had requested a way to donate on line. 

We so appreciate your love and prayers.  We know that it is not who we are, or what we do; it is the One who sent us that deserves the praise.  Thank you Lord!

In HIS service,

Becky & Don Cameron

Monday, May 28, 2012


Since forming Burning Plow Ministries earlier this year we have been seeking God to show us areas to assist here in Kenya.  We feel God’s leading to help feed and clothe the poor, teach Bible and evangelize.  Here is Don’s account of a project that presented itself to us recently.

Just outside of Nairobi, on the northwest side, there is a small village called “Kawaida”. Kawaida in the Swahili language means “usual”. The village is surrounded by coffee and tea farms and is in a central location and convenient for the farm workers. In fact, this village is where many of them shop.

Vincent Mokaya and I became acquainted in 2010 and since then we have visited together many times. Becky and I have eaten in his home with he and his wife, Peris and I have taught twice in the church that he serves that has been meeting in homes on one of the farms. 

With the relocation of many workers from one farm to another and also because of the limited meeting times due to farm regulations, it became apparent that a more permanent location outside of the farm was needed. After searching and praying for many months, it seemed that it was now God’s timing to plant the new church in the village of Kawaida.
On Monday, April 30 we met at the chosen location, signed the rental agreement, and paid a building deposit and the first month’s rent. Burning Plow Ministries has committed to pay the building deposit and the rent for 6 months after which time the rent become the responsibility of the church.

The church has met for the last 2 Sundays. Those attending come from the home church, the un-churched, and the unsaved in the community. We are encouraged by the welcome from the community and the desire for some serious Bible teaching. Becky, Silas, and I will begin on Sunday, May 27th to teach introductory Christian doctrines on Sunday afternoons and to serve a lunch meal to the attendees. I introduced the teaching to them as I preached at the church service on May 6th.

We are excited about what God is doing in Kawaida. The community should no longer be known as “usual” but instead for the believers there to be known for their new life in Christ with a “glorious hope and a future in Christ”. In your prayers, please remember our ministry there and the new and excited believers eager to learn more about their new life with Jesus!


Don & Becky 

Friday, May 18, 2012


This is Don's great niece, Liberty. Her Mom and Dad share with her what we are doing here in Kenya. Last year Don posted a photo of himself with a little boy we met in a remote village whose clothes were literally rags. Liberty decided she wanted to do something to help Uncle Don clothe the children. On Thanksgiving day she presented Don with a Zip-lock bag of coins! We were so touched by her desire to help other children. 
When we returned to Kenya at the first of this year, we purchased 100 pieces of clothing in different children's sizes with the $28 US Liberty gave us. Here is what we purchased:

We took the clothes, food and Bibles in March to two rural villages near Kibweizi south of Nairobi. We did not have enough clothes for everyone, so the villagers decided who needed them the most.


These children were thrilled to get new clothes! We were thrilled to see what a difference one photo, seen by one little girl in the US could do. Liberty's willingness to share what she had to bless those who will never be able to repay her showed us how God works. We were honored to be able to see Him in action!

I'll be posting soon about the work we did with ABC Kids in a Maasai village on the border of Tanzania at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro.  It was a week of hard work but wonderful opportunities.

Becky & Don

Sunday, May 6, 2012


(Hi everyone! Melissa Gross here to share a story about blankets!)

Yes, blankets. It all started last fall as the Ladies' Leadership Team at Faith Fellowship Church in Lucas, Texas, was planning for our fall retreat. We were using the Wonder Full World curriculum where each session focused on a different continent. It just so happened that the theme for the session on Africa included a service project to create (and then donate) blankets. I knew it would be perfect if those blankets could actually end up in Africa, so I emailed Becky to see if there was a need and her quick reply was "YES!"

Before the retreat, several volunteers cut and basted the material. Then during the retreat our ladies worked in pairs to tie them together.

We took time to pray over the blankets, asking that the Lord would bless the recipients and that His light would shine into their lives through our labor of love.

Earlier this year, Don & Becky delivered those blankets to expectant moms, mothers with new babies, and pastor's wives in two rural villages in Kenya. Becky says, "They were 'warmly' received. Kenyans are very cold natured and these blankets were a welcomed blessing. I know they are appreciating them even more now that the rainy season is here."

It's so exciting to be a part of helping to meet the physical needs of the people so that the Gospel can be spread around the world!

Monday, April 9, 2012


The King will reply, "Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me."
 Matthew 25:40

Last November we were confronted with the needs of the hungry in Kenya. Many advised us not to worry; there are always going to be hungry people in Africa. It is true there will always be people hungry around the world. The difference is that when God tells you personally to feed the hungry, his Word says it is the same as feeding The King himself!

While in the US last November - January, we shared about the needs we had seen and our desire to feed people in remote areas that normally do not get assistance. God touched hearts and we were given over $1,000 to help feed people. We contacted trusted pastors and worked with them to find those who needed our help. On March 16-17 we took food, Bibles, blankets and clothes where they were needed most.

The Rented Truck
This is the truck we rented for 2 days loaded with maize (corn), beans, salt and oil. (There was no way we could carry such a heavy load in our car!) When we gave away all of this the first day, we had to order more to meet the needs of 2 other churches as well as a school.

Bags of food
By the time we left the Kibweize area on March 19th, we had distributed 2.5 tons of food - over 300 families had received much needed food.  We also provided for orphans and school children to help supplement their diet.

Before distributing the food we met with the pastors and the church members and encouraged them to use this additional food to share with their unsaved neighbors. We urged them to give others a blessing and let them know that God had provided it for them.  The great news is that the next week we received word that the day we were there in one of the churches 3 people were saved!  

Also, for the first time ever, the members of the church were giving to others and to the church! 

We had brought the Word of God, fed the people, and even clothed some of them.  Next time I'll share that story.

We thank all of you who read our blog and follow what God is doing!  It amazes us what He is doing in Kenya!


Don & Becky

Monday, March 26, 2012


On March 15th Don, Silas Odinga and I left for Kibwezi, Kenya, for four days of ministry. We carried with us Bibles, clothing, and blankets. We had sent money ahead to purchase maize (corn), beans, cooking oil and salt. Our destination was remote villages far from the main roads. We had contacts with pastors faced with the needs of their community daily. These remote villages do not normally receive assistance.

When we shared in the US about our work in Kenya, many people responded to the fact that the poor Christians in Kenya often times don't have a Bible of their own. We have had many people beg us for a Bible. This touched the hearts of many people and they were very generous. Therefore, we were able to take 106 Bibles on this trip and give them all away. We came back with requests for more.

As we teach and speak in churches here in Kenya, we emphasise that everyone must search the Scripture for themselves to prevent the spread of false teaching that is so prevalent throughout Africa. The best prevention against false teaching is the truth found only in the Word of God.

God's Word is for everyone and we want to say "THANK YOU" from the believers in Kenya for giving them His Word!

These are just a few of the people who now have their own copy of the Word of God!  As you can see on their faces, they are blessed.

We brought food for their souls - next time I'll share about the food for their bellies.

In His service,
Don & Becky Cameron

Sunday, March 25, 2012


The story of Burning Plow Ministries (BPM) begins with the call of Elisha as told in the Bible in 1 Kings 19:19-20.

In 2009, Don and Becky Cameron of Rockwall, Texas, felt a strong calling from God to get more involved with mission work. They made plans to travel to Kenya for a period of 3 months to further explore this call on their lives.

In March of 2010, Don was finishing teaching a series about the lives and ministries of Elijah and Elisha. He had just completed the lesson on the call of Elisha when a missionary friend from Romania, who was attending a mission conference at the Cameron’s home church, told Don that he had been praying for him the day before and God had given him a message that he did not understand. The message was . . . “Just like Elisha you are to kill the cow and burn the plow.” Don knew immediately that this was a message from God confirming what he and Becky were already feeling about leaving home and family to go to a foreign mission field. This message, however, took them a step further. Elisha did not just follow Elijah when he was called: he severed his work ties; he sacrificed the oxen; he burned the plowing equipment. All these actions were a way of saying, “I am making a life changing commitment and there is no turning back.”  Now, it seemed as if God was telling the Camerons  to sever ties in Rockwall sufficiently as to make plans to become missionaries for much more than 3 months.

In May of that same year, the young man from India whom the Camerons had been supporting during his studies at Dallas Baptist University was graduating. His brother and father came from India to attend the ceremony. They brought Don a gift which shocked everyone as it was taken out of the bag. It was a figure of a man plowing behind two oxen. They told Don that the Holy Spirit had urged them to deliver the message that the man represented Elisha and Don and that the oxen represented Kenya and India. The father and brother knew nothing about what had happened with the man from Romania.

Biblical Life Ministries gave the Camerons their start in Kenya.  After a time, it became clear that God was moving them into a ministry that did not entirely fit into the vision of BLM and plans were made to expand the work into a new ministry. Thus in March of 2012, the Camerons appropriately named their new organization Burning Plow Ministries God has called. They have responded.

Borrowing from Isaiah, Don and Becky each said “Here am I, send me.”  Then, like Elisha, they disposed of their cattle, left their family and home and moved to Africa.

Saturday, March 24, 2012


Sometimes you set out to change your direction and other times God changes your direction for you! That is what has happened with our ministry work here in Kenya.

Many are the plans in a person’s heart,
   but it is the LORD’s purpose that prevails.
Proverbs 19:21 (NIV)

As you may have noticed from our blogs over the last 18 months, we have been led by the Lord to move beyond the focus and scope of Biblical Life Ministries.  So, as of March 31, we will officially launch BURNING PLOW MINISTRIES, INC.!!!

Before coming to Kenya we were asked many, many times if we were starting our own ministry. We always answered, “No!!!”. However, God had other plans that we never anticipated. He showed us areas where He wanted us to help, and He gave us the funds and the abilities to make a difference.

We are excited and thrilled with God’s expanded vision for our work here in Kenya. We covet your prayers as we add humanitarian aid to our work in evangelism, Bible teaching and Bible distribution. 

We have drafted my sister, Joyce Cocanower, as our US office manager. She has kindly agreed to serve as a volunteer. She will handle all US correspondence and banking. This is a huge blessing!

Our new contact information is:

Don & Becky Cameron
PO Box 642
Lancaster, Texas 75146-0642
Phone: 972-352-8932

I’ll explain the reason we named our new ministry Burning Plow in an upcoming blog post. 

We have so much to share about our ministry outreach held March 15-18! This outreach included distributing food, clothing, Bibles, and blankets along with teaching in the interior of Kenya. It was wonderful to see God’s hand in helping the poor.

Again, thank you for your prayers!!  We couldn’t do nearly as much work here without the prayer and financial support of our friends and family!

In His Service,
Becky & Don Cameron