Friday, September 24, 2010


As I opened the drapes this morning of our cottage in Nairobi Kenya I went up the steps and opened our front gate.  This is the sight I saw. 

I sense this is a picture of our time here in Kenya. It is not about this cozy cottage and how much I’m enjoying it. It is about “going out that gate” to the people God has sent us to minister to here in Kenya.

It is nice to enjoy this lovely home, the birds singing, the cool breeze blowing. It is beautiful here. I will miss this cottage when we are out in the villages, but our call is to “go out that gate” to those God has called us to serve! This cottage is a place God has blessed us with to refresh us before “going out” next!

Don made it back late Thursday night (Thursday morning in the US) yea!!! It is so good to have him back with me. Words can never express how much all your prayers mean to us! Our prayer partners have been working overtime between Don’s rushed trip back to Texas for Suzanne’s funeral and my remaining here in Kenya to get our home in order. Thank you, thank you!

Come this Saturday morning (after Don gets two whole nights in his own bed!) we leave at 5:00 am for 10 days in the coastal city of Malindi on the Indian Ocean. It will take us about 11-12 hours of hard driving to get there. Please pray for our safety and that our vehicle functions properly. We are going with Kelly Johnson, Founder and President of Biblical Life Ministries and the author of the “Bible School in a Briefcase” (BSIAB) a 10 week course of study for village pastors.

Monday through Friday Don and I will attend the last week of the Bible school as students. Please pray that we will be alert and attentive and able to participate fully in the classes. On Saturday we will assist the Johnsons with the graduation ceremony. I’m in charge of getting all their names spelled correctly on their certificates!

The new graduates are to be commended for completing this course over the last year. We were in Malindi in 2009 when the Johnsons held the first meetings with the candidates. We are so privileged to be returning to see them graduate! We ask that you pray for these pastors as they return to their village churches better prepared to preach the Word of God, walk as Godly followers of Christ, disciple their congregations and evangelize their communities.

Now that is a reason to GO OUT THAT GATE!

Don & Becky

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Suzanne Graduates as We Arrive In Kenya

Last Saturday as we were leaving Suzanne’s bedside, she grabbed my arm tightly and said so very softly, “I can’t wait to hear what miracles God is going to do through the two of you in Kenya” and “I’m so glad you are going to be with the Johnsons.” She definitely believes in what we are doing and she released us go. Before we landed in Kenya Wednesday night, Suzanne had graduated to Heaven! We celebrate her life though we miss her dearly.

We got the message the afternoon of our first full day here. Upon getting the news, we both knew Don needed to return. By that time it wasn’t possible to get a flight out that night, so we emailed our travel agent in the US and he found a ticket for Don to return the next night (Thank you Eldon from Golden Rule Travel!!). So after two nights in Kenya, Don is on his way back to the US to be with his family. He is due to land in Dallas at 2:00 pm Saturday. Suzanne’s visitation is 6-9 Saturday and the service will be at 2:30 on Sunday at Rest Haven Funeral Home in Rockwall, TX. 

Thank you to all who have prayed for us and the entire family. We do not always know why God does what He does but we know that His will is perfect! This extra round trip was not in our budget, however we know Don needed to be home. 

Our first morning here we signed a three month lease on our cottage and purchased cell phones and household items.

On Friday morning before Don left we were able to secure a rental car that will be able to carry us and our equipment into the bush. The neatest thing is it has air conditioning. I never dreamed we could get that luxury! We hired a driver to get us around town. (They drive “on the wrong side of the road” here and it will take Don some time to master that and the traffic!) I'll give more details on him later.

Thanks goes to Melissa and Robbie Gross for getting us to the airport! You two are great! We also want to thank those who are ministering to Don’s family through bringing food and offering prayers!  I also want to thank all of our friends and family for making it possible for us to be here to help reach Kenya for Christ. It is an honor and a privilege just to be here.

It is so wonderful to be in God’s family!

Your missionaries in Kenya,

Becky & Don

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Proceeding as Planned

Don and I visited with Suzanne today. She has improved and is way more alert. She is scheduled to be discharged from the hospital on Friday. When we left today Suzanne told Don that she will be here when he gets back from Kenya and she will be praying for us. Our pastor, Brad Howard, called this afternoon and told Don that our departure on Tuesday bore witness with his spirit. He plans to pray for us at the end of first service on Sunday at LakeShore Church before we leave for our 3 month term on the mission field.

We originally thought of postponing our departure, however we have both been in prayer and we agree that we need to proceed as God directs. We appreciate our friends that have been praying and for those who visited Suzanne this week. Please continue to keep her and Dan in your prayers.

We leave for Kenya on Tuesday, September 14th! We covet your prayers for us and the work God has put before us!

Don & Becky

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Urgent - Please Pray For Suzanne

We just returned from the hospital where Don's sister, Suzanne Mosley, was admitted because she was having difficulty breathing.  Suzanne has been battling breast cancer for three years.  The cancer has spread to several organs and her bones.  Please pray for her, her husband Dan, daughter Jennifer Russell, son Chris Cameron and our entire family.

We trust in God.  We do not fear.  We know God wants the best for His children and we are His children.  We do not understand but we fully trust in our God.  Nothing can separate us from God's love.

Don & Becky