Friday, November 2, 2012


In March this year we (Burning Plow) helped Pastor Vincent Mokayo plant a new church in Kawaida, Kenya.  We provided the rent and food for lunches on Sundays.  Pastor Vincent moved his family into the community and he sold one of his own cows to purchase a sound system for the new church.
Don taught basic Christian doctrines each Sunday afternoon.  The Sunday after he taught on baptism 16 believers made the walk to the river near the church and followed Christ in baptism. 
In September Pastor Vincent asked us to return for the baptism of an additional 23 believers!  
In the last 8 months the church has grown so much that they can no longer fit all the children and adults in the building at one time.  They have plans to enlarge the building when funds are available.  But this has not stopped Pastor Vincent from continuing to reach out into the community.   He has formed home groups and is training leaders to evangelise their neighborhoods.  While we are here in the US Silas Odinga is showing The Jesus Film in these home groups.  Please join us in praying that more people in Kawaida will come to know Christ personally.
We are excited that the work we started in Kawaida is continuing while we are here.  This is more of the “good ground” God has given us to work in Kenya.
Becky & Don Cameron


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