Saturday, August 28, 2010

18 Days & Counting

Here it is, 18 days before we leave for Nairobi, Kenya, East Africa, for 3 months! Our excitement is growing as we see God blessing our efforts to serve where He has called us.

Over the last few weeks we have been "stepping down" from our roles as Bible teacher, women's Bible study facilitator, nursery volunteer, ushers and church greeters. It is a bitter sweet time for us. We have loved serving in our home church. We appreciate all the encouragement we have received from our friends and family.

God has truly blessed us with family and friends that believe in us and what we are going to be doing in Kenya. It is very humbling to receive donations from family and friends who want to be a part of God's work. We are also thankful most of all for those who have committed to PRAY for us! Prayer changes things and we NEED your prayers. Not everyone can go, not everyone can give, but EVERYONE can pray. Prayer is our most URGENT need.

Don's niece and her family will live in our home and care for our 2 dogs (Bear & Scout), 2 cats, horses and cows. We will pay all utilities, animal feed and upkeep while away. Wal-Mart has given Don a leave of absence from his pharmacy manager position. He is using his remaining vacation time for 2010 and all of 2011. That will leave seven weeks of unpaid leave. This is a step of faith and we know God will provide as only He can! God is so good, all the time!

Please pray we will follow all the way He leads us!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


We’ve got to do more!

Those words have changed our lives. Actually God is changing our lives.

Some of you may be wondering why on earth a couple who has been married 40 years (August 22nd!), worked in pharmacy, and assisted with ministry support would decide to up and leave for Kenya, East Africa - for three months.  Well here is a little insight into why we are doing what we are doing! 

In the last 5 years Don and I have gone on short term mission trips to Romania, South Africa, twice to India and three times to Kenya. I (Becky) have worked the last 11 years for mission organizations (Evangel Bible Translators and Christ for India) and Don has served on the mission council at our home church, LakeShore, in Rockwall.

During our first 2 week trip to Kenya to work with Kathy and Kelly Johnson of Biblical Life Ministries, (Don represents them on the LakeShore mission council) Don volunteered to represent BLM at a missions conference in Florida. While there he was challenged “to do more”. He called from the conference in tears saying, “We have to do more - we have to do more for missions!”

Well, on our second visit in the summer of 2009, we found a place “to do more”. The Johnsons asked us to come and help them with their work in Kenya. Don will teach follow up pastors’ conferences and help Kelly. I will work in the BLM office and travel with Don to minister to the women.

As time draws near to go (29 days and counting) we wanted to share our heart for the call we are answering.  The call to "do more".

I'll be posting regularly between now and when we depart on September 14th.  I'll share more about how God has guided our steps and confirmed His call.  I look forward to sharing with our friends and family our journey leading up to our decision to go and how God has encouraged us all along the way.

I have committed to posting once a week; I'll do more if time allows!  I will have photos to share along the way also!

Check out our web page on the Biblical Life Ministries website. Just click on the link on the right side of this page.

Here are photos of some of the ministry we have done in Kenya over the last three years.  We will return to Kitui and follow up with the graduates of BLM's "Bible School in a Briefcase" as well as follow up with Eunice's ministry to the needest children in her village.
Children from outrech in Kitui, Kenya

Preaching in Kitui, Kenya

Monday, August 9, 2010

Getting Ready

We are getting ready and more excited by the day! In 37 days, we leave for three months in Kenya, serving alongside Kelly and Kathy Johnson with Biblical Life Ministries.