Sunday, July 1, 2012


This is truly our desire, that God will reveal to us those who He wants to help.  God hasn't failed to do just that for us.

Many have told us that there is so much need here in Africa that we "can't help everyone."  While that is true; that does not allow us to turn our back on those God puts in our path.  We are blessed to see and act on God's prompting.

Allen, is an example of God's leading.  When Don was with Pastor Vincent at a weekly home Bible study Allen's mother approached Don about Allen's need for an rectal repair operation.  Allen's father had deserted the family and his mom had no hope of paying for a doctor's visit, much less  an operation.  She had sent Allen to live with relatives in her home area because he needed more care than she could provide and work 6 days a week. 

Pastor Vincent suggested Allen be returned to Nairobi so he could be examined.  Burning Plow paid for Allen's public transport to Nairobi and the examination fee.  When we were told the estimated cost, we wondered if this was a good use of the ministry's funds.  The answer from the Lord came back loud and clear, "How can we NOT help?"  So, after Bible class 3 weeks ago, we drove Allen and his Mom to Nazareth Hospital near their home on the tea plantation.  His operation was the next day and thankfully the surgery was a success!  We returned the next Saturday to transport them back to their home.  We now see Allen each Sunday at the Bible class in Kawaida. Our obedience to God’s call cost approximately $270 US. 

Can we help every child in the area that needs an operation?  No, but we can't not help those God directs us to.  Thank you to all our friends and family that make it possible for us to help those God directs us to.  

In His service,

Becky & Don   

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