Sunday, November 27, 2011


One of the things we enjoy best about our work here in Kenya is visiting in the churches of the graduates of Bible School in a Briefcase (BSIB).  On Sunday morning, October 30, we left home around 6:30 AM headed to Pastor Peter Mbiti’s church in the small village of Nzewani, a two and half hour car ride and many miles off the paved road. 
Don & Pastor Peter

We arrived in plenty of time for Don to preach.  It was good to be able to return for a service at Pastor Peter’s church.  We had worked with him earlier this year when we showed The Jesus Film in his village.
As we visit the BSIB graduates, we are excited to find that many of their churches have grown and many are having to expand.  Peter’s church has no doors or windows and very little space. 

But when we looked behind the building we saw the foundation of his building.  The members have made the bricks for their own church.  The people have taken ownership and are building their church themselves.

Our next stop that day was to check on the preparations for the Daniel Seminar in the neighboring village of Chuluni.  We found everything in order, so we were set to return to Chuluni the next morning for the three day seminar.

Around 4:30 PM we headed to our guest house a 30-minute ride to the larger city of Kitui.  It was a full ten hour day; but a good day!

Thank you for taking time to read some of what God is doing here in Kenya!

Next blog will be coming soon, “Daniel Comes to Chuluni!”


Don & Becky Cameron

Saturday, November 19, 2011


As a mother, grandmother, sister and friend I am sooooo ready to be back in Texas!  As a missionary I am sad to leave Kenya even though we will return in January!

We leave Nairobi for Texas on Sunday, November 20th.  We will be with our sons and family in Prosper, Texas, on Thanksgiving Day.  The next Saturday (November 26th) we head to Colorado for training.  On our way we will stop in Memphis, Texas, and greet First Assembly of God Memphis.  These dear saints support us monthly.  We are so excited that we will finally get to meet them in person to share what God has done! 

In Colorado we will attend cross cultural training at Mission Training International.  The training lasts three weeks.  We are looking forward to what we can learn and use here in Kenya.

We return to Texas on December 17th.  We plan to attend our home church, LakeShore Church in Rockwall, Texas, on Sunday, December 18th.  That afternoon we will attend Zach Brown’s Eagle Scout Court of Honor.  Zach came to Kenya with us in July of 2010.  We are so glad we will be there to honor his accomplishment.

Our plan is to see as many of our family and friends while we are in Texas.  We have so much to share about what God allowed us to do and what we believe He is directing us to do when we return.  Please let us know when you are available to share coffee, a meal or just a few minutes.   We return to Kenya on January 10, 2011.  The best way to reach us is via my email at 

One of the things we are most thankful for this Thanksgiving is how God has knitted our hearts together with friends and family to be His missionaries.  We have been so privileged to minister to the people of Kenya.  Your prayers and giving make it possible.  These past seven months have been by far the most rewarding of our lives.  We are thankful God has seen fit to use us and there is so much more to do.

We join Paul as he wrote…
And we have such trust through Christ toward God.  NOT that WE are sufficient of ourselves to think of anything being from ourselves but our SUFFICIENCY is from God.
(2 Corinthian 3:4-5 emphasis mine)!

Hope to see “y'all” soon!!!
Don & Becky Cameron

Saturday, November 5, 2011


What a great time we had in Kibwezi for the Daniel Seminar!!! Originally we offered the class to graduates of Bible School In a Briefcase only, however we received so many inquiries, we decided to offer it to anyone who was interested. The first day every seat in the church was taken! We had to have 20 additional copies of the manuals made! By the last class on Wednesday, we had over 80 registered! We fed lunch to everyone, plus some of the poor in the neighborhood, each of three days. God really stretched our supplies!

The participants were very interested to learn more about Daniel and especially the prophecies concerning the end times. This study is equipping the people with what the Bible says will help protect them against false teachings. There was much interaction between the participants. We also witnessed the healing of relationships among the pastors of different denominations as they came together to learn from the Bible. That fact alone made our time worthwhile.

We left Kibwezi encouraged by what God had done in the lives of the pastors and participants of the class. Not only had they heard the Word of God, they were now more equipped to share the truth of the Bible in their village and beyond.

October 31st-November 2nd we are taking the Daniel Seminar to Chuluni a small village near Kitui. We do ask that you lift us in prayer that God will use us there to His glory.

Don & Becky Cameron

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


The Sunday we were in Kibwezi prior to the Daniel Seminar, Don returned to Mbuinzau (White Goat Mountain) to preach at Pastor Joseph Musyoka’s church.  This was Don’s third visit.  We first climbed the mountain in October 2011, and we returned in May with 40 Bibles that our friends had donated. 


On his way up, Don stopped to visit Pastor Joseph’s home.  He has the only church on the mountain and he lives very simply among the people.  Don was touched by his hospitality and humble home.


After Don preached, Pastor Musyoka extended an opportunity to accept Christ as Savior and two men came forward for Salvation!  One of our main goals here in Kenya is to maintain relationships with the graduates of the Bible School in a Briefcase (BISB) and to encourage and equip them to reach their own people.  Don was privileged to see first hand some of the “fruit” from the seeds planted into the life of Pastor Musyoka by Bible School In a Briefcase. 

Climbing a mountain on Sunday morning isn’t Don’s usual Sunday morning activity; but so worth it that Sunday!  Nothing can compare with being used by God!  These are the perks to being on the mission field!

Please pray for all the BISB graduates as they serve and equip the believers to reach the entire nation of Kenya.  The knowledge they gained from BISB is changing Kenya!


Don & Becky

P.S.  Next time, The Book of Daniel Seminar in Kibwezi.