Monday, April 9, 2012


The King will reply, "Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me."
 Matthew 25:40

Last November we were confronted with the needs of the hungry in Kenya. Many advised us not to worry; there are always going to be hungry people in Africa. It is true there will always be people hungry around the world. The difference is that when God tells you personally to feed the hungry, his Word says it is the same as feeding The King himself!

While in the US last November - January, we shared about the needs we had seen and our desire to feed people in remote areas that normally do not get assistance. God touched hearts and we were given over $1,000 to help feed people. We contacted trusted pastors and worked with them to find those who needed our help. On March 16-17 we took food, Bibles, blankets and clothes where they were needed most.

The Rented Truck
This is the truck we rented for 2 days loaded with maize (corn), beans, salt and oil. (There was no way we could carry such a heavy load in our car!) When we gave away all of this the first day, we had to order more to meet the needs of 2 other churches as well as a school.

Bags of food
By the time we left the Kibweize area on March 19th, we had distributed 2.5 tons of food - over 300 families had received much needed food.  We also provided for orphans and school children to help supplement their diet.

Before distributing the food we met with the pastors and the church members and encouraged them to use this additional food to share with their unsaved neighbors. We urged them to give others a blessing and let them know that God had provided it for them.  The great news is that the next week we received word that the day we were there in one of the churches 3 people were saved!  

Also, for the first time ever, the members of the church were giving to others and to the church! 

We had brought the Word of God, fed the people, and even clothed some of them.  Next time I'll share that story.

We thank all of you who read our blog and follow what God is doing!  It amazes us what He is doing in Kenya!


Don & Becky

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