Sunday, May 6, 2012


(Hi everyone! Melissa Gross here to share a story about blankets!)

Yes, blankets. It all started last fall as the Ladies' Leadership Team at Faith Fellowship Church in Lucas, Texas, was planning for our fall retreat. We were using the Wonder Full World curriculum where each session focused on a different continent. It just so happened that the theme for the session on Africa included a service project to create (and then donate) blankets. I knew it would be perfect if those blankets could actually end up in Africa, so I emailed Becky to see if there was a need and her quick reply was "YES!"

Before the retreat, several volunteers cut and basted the material. Then during the retreat our ladies worked in pairs to tie them together.

We took time to pray over the blankets, asking that the Lord would bless the recipients and that His light would shine into their lives through our labor of love.

Earlier this year, Don & Becky delivered those blankets to expectant moms, mothers with new babies, and pastor's wives in two rural villages in Kenya. Becky says, "They were 'warmly' received. Kenyans are very cold natured and these blankets were a welcomed blessing. I know they are appreciating them even more now that the rainy season is here."

It's so exciting to be a part of helping to meet the physical needs of the people so that the Gospel can be spread around the world!

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