Friday, October 28, 2011


Sunday, October 2, 2011 was a big day for me.   When we were in Kibwezi in September I agreed to preach in Pastors Esther and Shadrack Maunda’s church while Don went to White Goat Mountain to preach.  For weeks I PRAYED, and thought, and PRAYED some more about what God wanted me to share.  Thankfully God answered and I felt I was prepared. 

When I awoke on Sunday I saw flashing “lights” in my eyes and realized that I was having a classic migraine headache.  Thankfully as we left Nairobi on Saturday I had thrown in my medication “just in case”!  God definitely went before me.  I texted friends for prayer and left for the church.  The pain was intense but God was stronger!!! 

I was so impressed with the children Pastor Esther has trained.  They had memorized Scripture and were standing and reciting the verses in their tribal language.  I read to the children the book, The Lost Sheep, about how Jesus always searches for them if they were “lost” and straying from Him.  During the adult Sunday School time I encouraged them to read the Bible for themselves, or have someone read it to them.  I also taught the SOAP (Scripture, Observation, Application and Prayer) method of study. 

During praise and worship some of the children joined in.  It was great to worship with them.  By that time I was amazed that I was still on my feet.  God is so good.  I shared with the people about forgiveness and praying “God, meet their needs”.  These are all things God has shown me and continues to guide me through.

After service the children helped me practice my Kiswahili.  They are such good instructors!  As we left the church I walked hand in hand with the children back to our guest house.  I was so grateful to God for healing my headache and supplying all my needs that day.  He is so good.  That evening Mama Joyce from the church brought a chicken (alive) to thank me for blessing her during the service.  Pastor Esther cooked it for us the next evening.  I was truly honored. 

My first solo service was a testimony to what God can and will do when we look to Him!  It was a great privilege to share with them.  All my study and prayer was rewarded, and I am confident that God will continue to use what He has done for me to bless others.

Please pray for the people of Kibwezi that they will grow and mature and lead others to Christ.  Thank you for your prayers for us as we continue our work here also. 


Becky Cameron

PS: Don’s report on White Goat Mountain coming soon.

Sunday, October 16, 2011


It never ceases to amaze me how many opportunities we have here in Kenya to teach the Bible.  We have not only taught BSIB graduates, but God has given us additional opportunities to serve others here in Nairobi as well.

Last November Don met Vincent, a young Baptist seminary student.  Recently he met with Don and invited us to have lunch in his home and visit a home church he has planted at a tea and coffee plantation not far from our home.  We were very honored to visit in his home, share a meal and then go and visit the home church on the plantation (see photo).  There were 19-20 people in this tiny room, the Spirit of God was there, and we were encouraged to see the people eager to testify to what God was doing in their lives. 
Then on the last Monday and Tuesday of September, Don taught Old Testament Survey to seminary students in the Pangani slum here in Nairobi.  The school was founded and led by a Koran missionary who attends the bi-monthly Bible study in our home and lives two doors down from us.  There were about 40 pastors in attendance who have had little formal training.  What a challenge Don had trying to summarize the entire Old Testament in only 10 hours of lecture! I think the instructor and the students alike all learned a lot in those two days. 

Also in September I found two local ladies Bible studies to attend.  Having left such a wonderful group of ladies back in Texas, it was so refreshing to again study the Word of God with other women.  Both groups have women who have been on the mission field for many years.  One lady in particular came to Africa as a missionary the year I was born!  I was polite enough NOT to point that fact out to her!  She has given her entire life to ministering to the people of East Africa.

We want to say "THANK YOU" to all of you who have been praying and giving to help us work here in Kenya over the last SIX months!  It is amazing what we have seen God do through us!  We do know that without the love, prayers and support of our family and friends this outreach would not be happening.  Please know we are grateful and we do thank God for you!!!

Your missionaries in Kenya,

Don & Becky Cameron

P. S. In a few days I’ll post the report from our time in Kibwezi!

Sunday, October 9, 2011


September was another busy month here in Kenya. 

The first weekend of September we traveled to the remote village of Enguli to preach at BSIB graduate Pastor Kinyalili's church. The "road" after we left the tarmac highway was long, bumpy and dusty. Thankfully it only took stopping for directions once and having a piki-piki (motorcycle) driver lead the way to find the church. We had about 180 people in church that day, and we all had a great time worshiping and sharing the Word of God together.

After sharing a typical Kenyan meal with them, we continued on to the village of Kibwezi where we met with Pastor Maunda to finalize the plans for a three day seminar on the book of Daniel in early October. Don and Pastor Maunda also traveled to a neighboring village to pray for the pastor of the church that will host the seminar who was in the hospital. They were so glad they went. After they prayed, God began to heal and strengthen his body immediately and the hospital sent him home that very day.

We enjoyed our time in Enguli and Kibwezi. God is knitting our hearts with the people of this area. We always enjoy returning to fellowship and share times of learning in the Word

Next week I'll share about other opportunities God has given us to serve in and around our home here in Nairobi. God has blessed us in allowing us to be part of His work. We are also very thankful to all of you who have prayed, given and encouraged us. We are humbled and grateful.

Serving God in Kenya,

Don & Becky Cameron.