Wednesday, November 28, 2012


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It was a sunny day in Ukambani. Most days are. This part of Kenya gets little rainfall which makes it difficult to grow food. Pastor Amos Wingi had taken us outside a small, remote village called Katulani. We were walking from hut to hut visiting with those that were most in need of food. We had bought 200 pounds of maise (corn) which is the most staple part of their diet. Each family that we visit will get enough to provide for them for several days. 

As we approached a hut a woman welcomed us warmly. “Karibu!”, she said. Her home was a small structure built from brick. Bricks in this area are the easiest building material to acquire. The red soil here is very full of clay. The people mix the soil with water, form the stiff mud into bricks and let them air dry. Then they stack them into a structure the shape of an oven with an open passage on the bottom where they build a fire to harden the bricks. Her home was maybe 8 by 10 feet with a roof made of straw. There is no kitchen inside; she cooks outside. There is no toilet inside, but a small community outhouse nearby. No electricity. No running water. The people that live in this area have to walk some distance to hand carry the water for their daily needs.

She was holding a baby in her arms as we began to share the gospel message with her. Her acceptance of Christ or even listening to us is not a requirement for our gift of food, but she listened eagerly and her eyes began to moisten when she said “I want to be a Christian.” We are tremendously thrilled when people realize that we are here because the God that sent us loves them. Life is hard in Ukambani. People struggle just for food, water and shelter. There are no luxuries here, only survival. Like this woman, many people turn to the local witch doctor for their spiritual needs. They need some kind of hope, but the hope that the witch doctor can provide is severely lacking and they know it. 

Knowing her current reliance on the witch doctor, I asked this woman if she was sure that she wanted to be a Christian. The reason I asked is because I know that she cannot serve both the spirits of the witch doctor and Jesus Christ. I warned her that if she accepted Christ today, then she cannot return to the witch doctor. She knew this. Tears rolled down her cheeks and onto her clothing. She said, “Yes, I want to become a Christian.” At that point, her teenage daughter who had been listening walked up with tears in her eyes and told us, “I want to be a Christian, also.”  

Emotional prayers of repentance that are forgotten by tomorrow are not what we seek. We look for a life changing event in a person’s life that will build them into a true disciple of Jesus Christ. We want them to find the relationship with Christ that will not only give them eternal life, but fill their life here on this earth with hope, joy, and peace. Didn’t Jesus tell us “Go into all the world and MAKE DISCIPLES…”? 

This pastor lives far from the people he works with and he has no means of transport except walking for hours or hiring motorcycle transport which he can little afford as he is very poor himself. We are praying that God will put it on someone’s heart to give $1,000 to purchase a motorcycle for him. Your gifts into the ministry of Burning Plow, no matter how large or small, help make it possible for us to reach people like this family in Katulani.  Please ask God how you can help.  And pray for all those working with Burning Plow Ministries.


Don (and Becky) Cameron


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