Saturday, June 30, 2012


On Sunday morning, June 24th, I taught the ladies Bible study on Psalm 1 at the Kawaida church. This was a stretch for me, but God was faithful and the ladies were encouraged. Pastor Vincent was the only man allowed only because I had to have an interpreter!  I’ve promised to return in July to teach on the role of women according to the Bible.

Don brought the sermon in the very full building! There are new people coming each week. People are inviting their friends, neighbors and co-workers. This is such a good sign that the church is taking root in the community. Praise God!

After lunch Don taught on water baptism to a packed house. There was good discussion on the Biblical references of baptism. Next Sunday (July 1st) Pastor Vincent is offering water baptism in a nearby river. Seven candidates have signed up. Sunday will be a great day of rejoicing in Kawaida!

Burning Plow is providing Bibles for those who are baptized. We thank LakeShore Church in Rockwall (our home church) for providing the funds for the Bibles! It is so encouraging to have our home church partner with us! A Bible is a prized possession here in Kenya, not all believers have one. Please pray those who receive Bibles will use it to grow closer to God and reach out to others!

Also please continue to pray for us as we seek God’s direction in all we do here in Kenya. We are blessed that He is allowing us to see Him at work!


Don and Becky Cameron

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


It occurred to me this morning that I have not been keeping everyone up to date on what we have been doing since we returned to Kenya in April.  To relate just the highlights is daunting because God has given us so many opportunities to serve Him!

Kawaida Church –We provide a meal of beans and maize (corn) and Don teaches Bible class each Sunday afternoon.  I’ll be teaching the ladies on Sunday mornings starting on June 24th.

ABC Children’s Aid – We teach Bible to the children in the ABC orphanage here in Nairobi each Saturday.   

ABC School in Namelok – Burning Plow provides school lunches for the 120+ students and staff for the new ABC school in this remote Maasai village near the Tanzanian border.  Each month we travel to the area, purchase the maize (corn), beans and porridge for the school children and teach an adult Bible study.

Now that I’ve given you an overview of our new work I’ll be posting details about these and other outreaches.  How God has led us into these outreaches is an amazing story of His direction.

Along the way, God has also given us many opportunities to bless the poor, provide medical care and give Bibles to believers. 

Thank you to those who pray for us and give to help make the outreaches possible.  We have launched Burning Plow Ministries’ website this month.  Check it out at  We added a link on the website for those who had requested a way to donate on line. 

We so appreciate your love and prayers.  We know that it is not who we are, or what we do; it is the One who sent us that deserves the praise.  Thank you Lord!

In HIS service,

Becky & Don Cameron