Monday, May 28, 2012


Since forming Burning Plow Ministries earlier this year we have been seeking God to show us areas to assist here in Kenya.  We feel God’s leading to help feed and clothe the poor, teach Bible and evangelize.  Here is Don’s account of a project that presented itself to us recently.

Just outside of Nairobi, on the northwest side, there is a small village called “Kawaida”. Kawaida in the Swahili language means “usual”. The village is surrounded by coffee and tea farms and is in a central location and convenient for the farm workers. In fact, this village is where many of them shop.

Vincent Mokaya and I became acquainted in 2010 and since then we have visited together many times. Becky and I have eaten in his home with he and his wife, Peris and I have taught twice in the church that he serves that has been meeting in homes on one of the farms. 

With the relocation of many workers from one farm to another and also because of the limited meeting times due to farm regulations, it became apparent that a more permanent location outside of the farm was needed. After searching and praying for many months, it seemed that it was now God’s timing to plant the new church in the village of Kawaida.
On Monday, April 30 we met at the chosen location, signed the rental agreement, and paid a building deposit and the first month’s rent. Burning Plow Ministries has committed to pay the building deposit and the rent for 6 months after which time the rent become the responsibility of the church.

The church has met for the last 2 Sundays. Those attending come from the home church, the un-churched, and the unsaved in the community. We are encouraged by the welcome from the community and the desire for some serious Bible teaching. Becky, Silas, and I will begin on Sunday, May 27th to teach introductory Christian doctrines on Sunday afternoons and to serve a lunch meal to the attendees. I introduced the teaching to them as I preached at the church service on May 6th.

We are excited about what God is doing in Kawaida. The community should no longer be known as “usual” but instead for the believers there to be known for their new life in Christ with a “glorious hope and a future in Christ”. In your prayers, please remember our ministry there and the new and excited believers eager to learn more about their new life with Jesus!


Don & Becky 

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