Saturday, August 20, 2011


Some of you remember how we started using The Jesus Film in Kiswahili last year during our three month stay in Kenya.  We brought the DVD with us from the US and when we arrived we found we could show it in the villages as an evangelistic tool.  We shared the opportunity with a few friends via email, they shared with some friends, and within a few days the money for the equipment was raised and we had funds for the outreaches.  God definitely provided!!!

After we completed the two-day discipleship classes in Kitui last month, we arranged to show the film in three different locations on consecutive nights.  Our first showing was on Wednesday in the village of Chuluni.  Pastor Ambrose Wingi, Pastor Peter Mbitit and Pastor Jossy Mitau met us in Chuluni that afternoon.  We loaded the 3 pastors, an amplifier, microphone and a car battery into the backset of our car.  They strapped a bull horn speaker to our luggage rack on top, fed the wires through the window and off we went!  For close to two hours as Don drove slowly over the winding dirt roads the three pastors took turns announcing the coming of the “cinema” in the Chuluni town square that evening.  By the end of the 2 hours we had covered the entire area.  This method of advertising was new to Don and me, but it sure worked.  By nightfall over 700 people were standing in front of the screen viewing the two hour story of Jesus’ life. 

The next evening we showed the film on the edge of Kitui town at the Majengo market place.  An estimated 500-600 came that night.  Pastor Veronicah Kalundi gave the alter call.  Over 100 adults came forward.

On our last night in the area we traveled many miles from Chaluni to the market place in Nzewani’. Two of the BSIB graduates have churches in this remote area.  Also, six or seven other graduates made the trip out to support the local pastors.  As it neared sundown the pastors began singing and praising God.  It was so good to see the people of the community worshiping together.  The area of Nzewani is remote so as an added treat we brought 6 bags of hard candy (sweeties) to hand out.  What's a good movie without snacks? That night we had between 1,000 - 1,200 view the film, and 150 adults responded to the altar call!
During our nine day ministry trip we trained 60 pastors/teachers in basic discipleship, gave away 60 Bibles, showed  The Jesus Film  in three villages to over 2100 people and 350 adults responded to the altar calls. 

We spent $1,920 in ministry funds for this one outreach.  We did this in faith believing that God would multiply the funds and our efforts.  We recieved news from Pastor Ambrose Wingi this week that he has had 4 NEW believers come to his church since we left.  That fact alone makes the investment in money, time and effort more than worth it!  Thank you Jesus that we could be used to grow your Kingdom!

As I write this report about Kitui, Don and Kelly Johnson are launching the newest Bible School in a Briefcase in Nyameria, Kenya, a five hour drive from Nairobi.  They will be in Nyameria for two weeks teaching five days a week.  I have remained in Nairobi to continue my Kiswahili lessons and work in the ministry office. 

Please continue to pray that those who saw The Jesus Film will respond to the message of salvation and that the teachers/pastors will equip them to become victorious Christians!

May God richly bless you as you seek to follow Him!

Don and Becky

Monday, August 15, 2011

Kitui Report Continued - Sunday Morning

On Sunday morning we headed out to Pastor Harrison Wambua’s church in the small village of Kolonzo, many miles off the paved road.  When we arrived, Pastor was teaching the children Sunday School.  The children sang and worshiped God using only a drum and their voices.  It was wonderful.

We were blessed by the children and Pastor Harrison.  We were impressed with the large attendance and their enthusiasm. 

Don taught on what the Bible teaches about the  Rapture of the Church.  It was a great message and very well received.  After church they served us chicken and rice for lunch, gave us a bag of passion fruit and we returned to Chuluni for the last session of the Discipleship Training.

When class ended we took photos of the participants and visited with them before they all left for their homes.  Our weekend was done: Don had taught 10 hours and preached a sermon; we had given out 33 Bibles and prepared to do it all again Monday and Tuesday in Kitui.

The graduates who truly “made it happen” that weekend were Peter Mbiti, Jossy Mitau and Ambrose Wingi.  These pastors worked together across denominational lines to help all the churches thrive.  This principle of working together is taught in the Bible School in a Briefcase, and the pastors in the Chuluni area certainly learned it well.

Our next post will be about the showing of The Jesus Film.

Thank you for taking time to see what God is doing here in Kenya!

Blessings, Don & Becky Cameron