Friday, August 24, 2012



In November of  last year (2011) Don met with these two pastors from Ukambani who we had known for many years.  They told us people in their community were starving.  We felt God wanted us to help.  We shared our concern for the hungry on Facebook.  A friend in France saw the post and donated the amount we gave the pastors!  That meeting changed the course of our ministry. 

When we returned to Kenya in April of 2012 these two pastors told us stories about how they had both used the food (corn and beans) to share the love of Christ with the poorest in their villages.  Not only did they bless those in their churches; they blessed the unbelievers as well.  More than one person accepted Christ.  The food changed lives for eternity.

We have seen both these pastors give to others in their community and encourage their members to give.  We have preached in their churches and have packed out the buildings.  We now want to bless their congregations by putting a roof on their buildings.  The iron sheets will waterproof their churches.  They built the walls with hand made bricks, held fund raisers and personally gave sacrificially to build a place of worship for their growing congregations.

We wanted to give our friends and family the opportunity to join us in this project.   The people of these two villages have worked hard to build their churches in an area that struggles with lack of food and water.  They have done what they can; and more.  We want to help top it off.  We estimate that it will cost $1,500 US to roof both churches.

If you would like to join us you can donate to Burning Plow Ministries at or via mail at PO Box 642, Lancaster, TX 75146. 

Thanks for reading this and as God leads, giving to bless those who are blessing others.

In HIS service,

Don & Becky Cameron  


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