Sunday, October 31, 2010


One of the goals the Johnsons had for us before we arrived was to return to the areas where they had held the Bible school and hold conferences. On October 21st and 22nd, Kathy Johnson and I held a women’s conference and Don taught the book of Daniel to the pastors and church leaders.

Kathy and I had about 25 ladies and small children on Thursday. On Friday we invited the ladies from the churches of the graduates and over 80 came! Our goal was to encourage them in their personal walk with Christ, share ideas of how they might enrich their ministry to their families and the women in their church, and we also wanted them to have fun.

On Friday morning we began with the Toilet Paper Game! We handed out rolls of toilet paper and told them “Take all you think you will need.” We got some strange looks, but since most of these ladies have very little some of them took advantage of the opportunity and stocked up! After all had taken “all they needed” we announced that each lady would share with the group something about themselves for each square they took! The smiles on their faces were priceless. After all had shared, Kathy pointed out that it did not take much money to have a good time and learn more about each other.

We ended each day in personal prayer with the ladies; having them pray for each other in groups of two. It was a great time of ministry.

Don had a powerful time as he taught the men for ten hours in two days on the book of Daniel. The men all reported that they learned a lot. The Word of God was their textbook and they had discussions on prophecy. He had some “problems” with his white board. After we returned home we discovered the problem was he had been writing on the protective film, not the white board! Once we removed that, it is now ready for the next time! No more using kerosene to clean the board!

We were privileged to pray for Bishop Joseph Manzi’s wife, Angnes, on Thursday afternoon. She had become ill after graduation and had been diagnosed with “a fatty liver”. The church and friends had been praying for her. When we arrived at her home she was very weak and her abdomen was swollen. Kathy, Don and I prayed for her and anointed her with oil. We left fresh drinking water for her and told her daughter to watch her through the night. We were very concerned for her life. At 7:30 the next morning Bishop Manzi called to tell us she was healed and she would be in our meeting that day! Oh, how we rejoiced for her healing. It was truly God working. Angnes came to the meetings all day Friday and showed no signs of any illness. When we saw her on Sunday she was much stronger and so happy!

Don preached in two churches on Sunday in Malindi. The second church was Pastor Douglas Mwadziwe’s church located in a very poor area. At the end of the service Pastor Douglas invited Don and I to join him in praying for those who wanted prayer. Several people came forward and we prayed for them. One young mother requested prayer because she could not pray; every time she tried “something” stopped her. When Don placed his hands on her shoulders and began to pray she screamed and fell backwards. Pastor Douglas prayed with her as the evil spirit left her. As tears streamed down her face she began to pray and praise God! God’s timing is perfect. This lady had never been in that church before! We asked Pastor Douglas and his wife Elizabeth to follow up with her to be sure she continues to come and be discipled.

As we left Malindi we were grateful to God for all He had done in our life and the lives of those we met. To see God work miracles of healing and deliverance was a huge encouragement to us. It wasn’t by our might or our power, but by His Spirit that lives were changed in Malindi! Thank you for helping us touch the people of Malindi!

We appreciate all your prayers and encouragement as we continue our assignment here in Kenya! We are excited to see what comes next!!!


Don and Becky Cameron

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