Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Jesus Film Project-God's Way

Don sent out an appeal email to a handful of his friends right after we arrived here in September. God led a college buddy of his who he hasn't seen in over 20 years to share the request with his Sunday School class in Houston. In less than a week the entire project was funded! God moved on the hearts of those class members, who have never met us and a member of our home church in Rockwall. Only God can do that type of fundraiser! It is humbling to be used to help Kenyan pastors reach the lost of their villages and then disciple them.

Biblical Life Ministries was given a state of the art projector last June. With the funds we received, we purchased the amplifier, 2 speakers with stands, 2 wireless microphones and all the connecting cords.

While we were in Kibwezi this week meeting with the graduates from the first Bible School four years ago we arranged to show the Jesus Film NEXT Saturday and Sunday nights (November 6th and 7th)!! We will be in an open area in the village. Saturday morning we will hold a seminar for the church members who will assist with the follow up ministry for those who accept Christ.

We have yet to purchase a generator so Pastor Shadrack Maunda is going to find one for us to use in Kibwezi. We are waiting to find the right generator for the right price. We ask you to pray for wisdom and favor.

November 13 and 14 we are taking all the equipment with us to an orphanage near Kisumu on Lake Victoria. Our friend Rachel Howington from Texas works there and we will stay with her at the orphanage. We plan to show the film in the orphanage and hopefully in the surrounding village.

Wow, from one short email appeal in September to four different showings by mid-November! God can work fast to get His Gospel out to those who need it! Thank you for your prayers and support!

Don and Becky Cameron

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