Saturday, November 6, 2010


Friday morning we loaded our generator, speakers, amplifier, projector, screen and microphones and headed out to Kibwezi, Kenya!!!

The rainy season has begun in Kenya. As we traveled we noticed farmers walking behind two oxen and a plow preparing their fields for planting. We actually saw five different farmers along our route. This was significant because of what happened BEFORE we left for Kenya.

Last March, Pastor Ghiorghi, a pastor friend of ours from Romania attended our home church’s Missions Conference. He looked Don in the eye and told him that as he was praying for us the day before God gave him a message for us. “Just like Elisha, you are to slay the ox and burn the plow.” Don was stunned. He knew exactly what this meant. For several months, he had been teaching on the life and ministries of the prophets Elijah and Elisha. God was confirming that our planned 3 month mission this fall was just the beginning of a much longer time working for His Kingdom in the nation of Kenya.

Then in May, our adopted son, Sastry Meesala’s brother and father came from India to see him graduate  from Dallas Baptist University. We had “adopted” Sastry after we met his family in India in 2008 on a mission trip. His brother brought gifts to those who had helped Sastry in the U.S. When Don began unwrapping his gift we were amazed! It was a man behind a plow pulled by two oxen! (see photo). Sastry’s brother told Don that as he was shopping for the gift in India he felt God urging him to bring this as being symbolic of Don’s call to Africa and India, just like Elisha has been called by Elijah! He had no way of knowing how significant his choice was!

So Friday as we were coming into Kibwezi, and seeing the fields being plowed by oxen, I was reminded that we are working in the fields of our Father God. He has prepared us to come to Kibwezi. He supplied all the things necessary for the showing of The Jesus Film. It is just like God to bring us here at planting time so we can plant the seed (The Word of God) in the hearts of these villagers!

Thank you to everyone who has partnered with us to make this time of ministry possible! We appreciate your prayers and financial investment. Please continue to pray the next two days for Kibwezi! We will let you know what great things God does here!

Don and Becky
Biblical Life Ministries

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  1. This is such an awesome testimony of God confirming again for both of you that you are in His Will!