Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Saturday night Don was boiling a chicken to make chicken and pasta. It took longer than he thought, so it was after dark when it was ready to eat. A few minutes before it was done we heard a knock at our gate.

The night guard had come to tell us we needed to close our chicken window. At first we thought he had smelled our chicken, but no, he said he had seen our chicken window open after we went to bed the night before and he feared bandits could break in if we left the chicken window open. This seemed strange to us because we hadn’t seen any chickens around our cottage. So we asked, “Which window is our chicken window?” The guard pointed to the window at the back of the house. We asked if we could leave the other windows open and he said that was fine. We told him we would be sure to close our chicken window before we went to bed.

The guard left and we sat down to eat our chicken pasta. After a few bites it hit me! Our CHICKEN window was really our KITCHEN window!!! The guard must have thought “those poor white people are really dumb!” We almost fell out of our chairs because we were laughing so hard! From now on we promise we will close our chicken window before heading to bed. I sure hope the guard doesn't tell everyone about that crazy mzungu (white person) that doesn’t know what a chicken window is!

Tomorrow we leave for five days in Malindi.  Kathy Johnson and I will hold two days of Ladies Ministry and Don will teach "The Book of Daniel" both days to the pastors and church leaders.  Kathy returns to Nairobi on Saturday to take care of her family.  Don and I will remain to look for a possible location for the next Bible School in a Briefcase on Saturday and on Sunday Don will preach in a village church.

Next time I will share about our newest project using The Jesus Film in Swahili.

We are amazed at all the Lord has given us to accomplish here in Kenya!  It is exciting to know that HE is directing our path and He will receive ALL the Glory!

We appreciate all your love, prayers and encouragement.  We both think we are having way too much fun doing this missionary work!  I do promise we are working! 

Building, Training, Connecting!

Don and Becky Cameron


  1. Just don't offer to serve him some yummy chicken tacos! LOL. Oh, the joys of trying to communicate with people who don't speak the same first language. I love these kind of stories.

    We will pray for you as you minister in Malindi. Or I will try to remember to. :) We leave for Egypt on Saturday so I might be a bit distracted - but I just prayed now and I will try to remember again. :)

  2. How funny!! I laughed til I had tears in my eyes!! What incredible opportunities are before y'all. Love you both and will be praying.

  3. How funny!! I laughed til I had tears in my eyes!! What incredible opportunities are before you. Love you both and will be praying.

  4. It does sound like y'all are having great fun! Will be praying for the ladies conference and looking forward to reading about it when you return.