Wednesday, October 6, 2010


  • Pray for the sick!
  • Give the Gospel Message!
  • Set the captive free!

On Saturday (September 25th) we visited the area where we would be speaking the next day. The Pastor, BLM student Micah Gichor, established the church in that area 2 months ago. We walked through the village and greeted the people. The littlest babies were scared of me, they had not seen a white woman before.

We prayed with Daniel for his wife who was in the hospital. Her name is Jumwa Boja. They are members of Micah’s church. She was very weak and had not been able to speak, complications from diabetes. As we left, Micah asked if we would drop him at the hospital so he could pray for her. We asked if we could come along. So off to the hospital we go! It was open air, no windows or screens but clean. When we found Jumwa, Micah and I asked God to heal her and we left. 

The next day (Sunday) Don preached in the little church filled with many children. Two months ago they had never heard about Jesus! The children of the village are encouraged to come and sing and learn about Him.

Don brought an outstanding message and ended by inviting anyone who wanted to accept Christ to come forward. A mother of one of those little children who had been coming and learning songs about Jesus came forward and committed herself to Christ! Her children had brought her the Good News and we were able to witness her new birth! Pastor Micah will begin her disciple training very soon. 

Jumwa and Pastor Micah
During the service Don encouraged each member to rejoice with Daniel and Jumwa when she returned from the hospital. He told them to believe for her healing. After the service we found that God had raised her up. She would be released that day! The only problem was here they hold you in the hospital until you pay your bill. Your friends and family have to provide you with food. The patient has to remain until the debt is paid. The bill was for less than $30 but they had no way to pay. God had a way.

God’s ways are higher than ours! He gave us a call so many months ago to come to Kenya. We had no idea what God had in store. We prayed for Jumwa, God healed her! We gave the Gospel message, a mother was born again! We brought funds from other believers, Jumwa was released from captivity! We stand in awe of God and how He works.

More reports to come….


Don and Becky


  1. Absolutely awesome testimony to the goodness; the greatness of God! He can make a way out of no way.

    Be blessed!

    Love through Christ
    Titus and Mae

  2. Sounds like you both are off to a wonderful start in your ministry in Kenya. We miss you and love you. Maddie said yesterday that she can't wait until December because she gets to see Grandma and Grandpa.

    Lots of love,