Sunday, November 27, 2011


One of the things we enjoy best about our work here in Kenya is visiting in the churches of the graduates of Bible School in a Briefcase (BSIB).  On Sunday morning, October 30, we left home around 6:30 AM headed to Pastor Peter Mbiti’s church in the small village of Nzewani, a two and half hour car ride and many miles off the paved road. 
Don & Pastor Peter

We arrived in plenty of time for Don to preach.  It was good to be able to return for a service at Pastor Peter’s church.  We had worked with him earlier this year when we showed The Jesus Film in his village.
As we visit the BSIB graduates, we are excited to find that many of their churches have grown and many are having to expand.  Peter’s church has no doors or windows and very little space. 

But when we looked behind the building we saw the foundation of his building.  The members have made the bricks for their own church.  The people have taken ownership and are building their church themselves.

Our next stop that day was to check on the preparations for the Daniel Seminar in the neighboring village of Chuluni.  We found everything in order, so we were set to return to Chuluni the next morning for the three day seminar.

Around 4:30 PM we headed to our guest house a 30-minute ride to the larger city of Kitui.  It was a full ten hour day; but a good day!

Thank you for taking time to read some of what God is doing here in Kenya!

Next blog will be coming soon, “Daniel Comes to Chuluni!”


Don & Becky Cameron

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