Wednesday, November 2, 2011


The Sunday we were in Kibwezi prior to the Daniel Seminar, Don returned to Mbuinzau (White Goat Mountain) to preach at Pastor Joseph Musyoka’s church.  This was Don’s third visit.  We first climbed the mountain in October 2011, and we returned in May with 40 Bibles that our friends had donated. 


On his way up, Don stopped to visit Pastor Joseph’s home.  He has the only church on the mountain and he lives very simply among the people.  Don was touched by his hospitality and humble home.


After Don preached, Pastor Musyoka extended an opportunity to accept Christ as Savior and two men came forward for Salvation!  One of our main goals here in Kenya is to maintain relationships with the graduates of the Bible School in a Briefcase (BISB) and to encourage and equip them to reach their own people.  Don was privileged to see first hand some of the “fruit” from the seeds planted into the life of Pastor Musyoka by Bible School In a Briefcase. 

Climbing a mountain on Sunday morning isn’t Don’s usual Sunday morning activity; but so worth it that Sunday!  Nothing can compare with being used by God!  These are the perks to being on the mission field!

Please pray for all the BISB graduates as they serve and equip the believers to reach the entire nation of Kenya.  The knowledge they gained from BISB is changing Kenya!


Don & Becky

P.S.  Next time, The Book of Daniel Seminar in Kibwezi.

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