Saturday, November 5, 2011


What a great time we had in Kibwezi for the Daniel Seminar!!! Originally we offered the class to graduates of Bible School In a Briefcase only, however we received so many inquiries, we decided to offer it to anyone who was interested. The first day every seat in the church was taken! We had to have 20 additional copies of the manuals made! By the last class on Wednesday, we had over 80 registered! We fed lunch to everyone, plus some of the poor in the neighborhood, each of three days. God really stretched our supplies!

The participants were very interested to learn more about Daniel and especially the prophecies concerning the end times. This study is equipping the people with what the Bible says will help protect them against false teachings. There was much interaction between the participants. We also witnessed the healing of relationships among the pastors of different denominations as they came together to learn from the Bible. That fact alone made our time worthwhile.

We left Kibwezi encouraged by what God had done in the lives of the pastors and participants of the class. Not only had they heard the Word of God, they were now more equipped to share the truth of the Bible in their village and beyond.

October 31st-November 2nd we are taking the Daniel Seminar to Chuluni a small village near Kitui. We do ask that you lift us in prayer that God will use us there to His glory.

Don & Becky Cameron

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