Sunday, December 4, 2011


One of the main reasons we are working with Biblical Life Ministries is to follow up with the graduates of the Bible School in a Briefcase.  We have spent the last seven months developing resources,  holding seminars and showing The Jesus Film in the areas where the BSIB training has been held. 

The Daniel Seminar is a three day in-depth study of the book of Daniel that Don wrote.  He also developed a study manual to go along with the teaching.  We strongly believe that the only way to prevent false teaching from invading the church is to teach what the BIBLE says.  This is extremely important in the area of Biblical prophesies and the study of “end times”.  
The Daniel seminar in Kibwezi (October 3rd-5th) went so well that we decided to offer it to the BISB graduates and local pastors in the Kitui area.  We held it in Chuluni because we had been well received in this outlying area earlier this year, and also because they do not normally have teachers come to this area.  We had 34 students register; 13 of those were BSIB graduates.  It was a great three days of learning and interaction.  Our numbers were not large, but the Word of God was mighty!

It is so rewarding to see pastors and church leaders grow as they study the Bible.  This seminar equips them to stand strong against false teaching.  It reinforces what they were taught in Bible School and gives them material to teach others.

In 2012, we plan to hold the Daniel Seminar in Malindi and Kilifi.  We need to raise funds for food, transport, lodging and materials.  Thankfully the cost of the seminar averages only around $1,500 US each.  The benefits are PRICELESS! 

Don & Becky

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