Monday, September 16, 2013


In January we were introduced to a young man we know as Emmanuel.  I wrote about him in the January 31st blog “Sufferer” to “God With Us”.  See  

When we visited Emmanuel’s home in April.  School was in recess and Emmanuel had left home to visit family in another village.  Their living conditions were sparse.  There were no beds, they sleep on the concrete floor of a storage building.   We delivered beds for the family and before leaving we arranged for a chicken coop to be built and delivered along with chickens and feed. 
We are glad to report that when we returned in August we found the chickens alive and well and providing eggs for the family.
We check on the family each time we are in Kibwezi and Pastor Shadrack and his church continue to assist.  Unfortunately, Emmanuel has returned to living on the streets of Kibwezi.  We don't see this as a failure, as we continue to help his family.  Please continue to pray for Emmanuel. 
We will continue to bless those who God show us need our help.  Pray we will have funds to continue to bless the less fortunate here in Kenya.


Don and Becky 

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