Sunday, September 15, 2013

Five Shillings

Five Kenyan shillings is currently worth about 5.9 U.S. cents.  It’s not much.  But it brought tears to my eyes in a rural church here in Kenya.

We realize that when a typical Kenyan makes less than $5 per day, have to feed and clothe their family, buy water, pay rent, and pay school fees and buy uniforms to send their children to “free” public education, there’s very little left.  Being able to own a Bible in circumstances like these is a real luxury.

Thanks to the generous contributions from our ministry partners in America, we purchase Bibles for distribution here in Kenya.  We delivered a few Bibles to a pastor in the village of Chuluni to share with his people.  During the church service, the first man to ask for a Bible was a visitor from another area.  The pastor decided to give the man one of the Swahili Bibles.  After accepting the Bible and with tears in his eyes, the man said he had been praying for years for a Bible.  He was so grateful that he told the congregation that he wanted to participate in buying a Bible for someone else.  He didn’t have much, only 5 shillings, but he marched right down to the front of the church and placed the coin on the table in front of me.

Five shillings.  A sacrificial gift from the heart of a man in a remote village in Africa.  What a blessing.

We have distributed all the Bibles we have.  Bibles bring life to the believers and new converts.  Let us know if you would like to partner with this man in getting more Bibles for Kenyans. 


Don & Becky

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