Sunday, September 29, 2013


While we were in a very small, very remote village called Kikumini, we came across a man they called “Matata”.  Matata means “trouble” in Swahili. His mother gave him this name because his legs were crippled from birth.  He had a very heavy and slow bike that limited his mobility.  We shared Matata’s story on Facebook and a friend in the US gave the funds to purchase a new lighter weight hand cranked tricycle.
When we presented the bike to Mata I remembered a man in a wheelchair we had met in March 2012 while distributing food and clothing in a drought stricken region.  We didn’t get the man’s name. 
When I mentioned this man in a class I was teaching one of the pastors there said “I know that man.”   Wow! I love the way God puts things together.  The pastor took us to Munyao Mweu and we got re-acquainted.  I was very flattered that Munyao remembered me.  He got very excited when I asked him if he would like to have a tricycle that would significantly increase his mobility from the homemade contraption that he had been using.
Two months later, thanks to the help of a donor in America, we were able to deliver the new bike.  I can still remember Munyao’s words that even now bring tears to my eyes: “This gift will change my life!”
Thank you Jesus that He puts things together for us to be able to deliver the Matthew, Chapter 25 gospel (verses 31-46) to this remote region in Africa that is almost always overlooked.
We would love to do the same for Matolo Mbithi, Mutua Muine, and Kenedy Muli shown below.  Your gift of $300 will change the live of one of these men.




Thanks for helping us minister to the needs we see in Kenya.
In His service,
Don and Becky

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