Sunday, December 11, 2011


The one who shuts his ears to the cry of the poor will himself also call out and not be answered. 

As we have traveled in India, Romania and South Africa we have seen the poor. Here in Nairobi each time we go into the city we are confronted with beggars, some blind, some lame, all needy, surrounding our car. It is so very easy to “shut your ears”.

During the Daniel Seminar in Chuluni we came face-to-face with “the poor” of Kenya. A woman who had been in the service on Sunday where Don preached approached Don before the seminar began on Monday. She told him her story: her husband could not find work and she and the entire family had not eaten in two days. Those of you who know Don know his heart was touched with compassion. Don counseled with Pastor Wingi (our host) and Pastor Mbiti (her pastor) about how best to help. We gave a few shillings to the pastors and they purchased beans and meal for her. This in no way “fixed” her problem, yet it helped that day.

Don began to hear the cry of the poor in the night. As we were leaving to return to Nairobi, Don purchased 12 bags of maise meal, a staple of the Kenyan diet. He called one of the BLM graduates who lives in a remote village to meet us on the main road. We asked to be taken to those in the area that were the neediest. We gave 2 bags each to a recently widowed man, a single mom, and a family with young children with parents in their 90s.

When we left we knew we had not “fixed” the problem of the hungry in the area. We had, however, given something. In the last month the rains have come to the area. Each family in the area around Chuluni and Kitui have planted maise (corn) and it is growing fast. However, the people we met were hungry and needed food that day.

I believe that frequently we as Americans think we have to have a “program” in place before we give anything. We are afraid the need is too great; so we can’t do anything. Frankly that is how I tend to react. God has altered my thinking.

I sense that from now on as we go about our work here in Kenya, we will be listening to the cry of the poor. We will use Godly wisdom; but we will act as the Spirit leads. 

Our prayer is that we will always listen to the cry of the poor, in Kenya and wherever God leads us. It is an honor to serve a God that hears our cries!

In HIS service,
Don & Becky Cameron    

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  1. Don & Becky, this is an amazing experience for you both. You have the heart of Christ to do what you can for the poor. What a privilege to serve! Blessings to you both. Kay W from Cameron Co.