Thursday, February 23, 2012


I am so sorry that it has taken me so long to update this blog!  I promise it isn’t because we have been idle!  I’m glad to report that we are back in Kenya and have resumed our ministry!

February 24, I begin hosting Beth Moore’s DVD series on the book of James.  So far there are three other missionaries from our neighborhood attending the study; from Iceland, Australia and the US.  I’m looking forward to the fellowship and to studying God’s Word together.  A big thanks to our friends that provided the funds for the DVDs and our workbooks.

We plan to resume our home Bible study in March.  Many of the people at New Song Church (our Nairobi home church) are very anxious to study the Bible with us. God has truly given us plenty to do and we rejoice in that.

A special thanks to all our family and friends in the US that made our time in the States a blessing in so many ways.  We truly thank God for your love and support.  We say it so often, but it is true “We could not do what we do here in Kenya without the love, prayers and support of our partners!”

I promise I will update you soon on some of the great things God orchestrated for us while in the US!  Don also will be writing about his time in Watamu.  We do serve an awesome God!

In His service,

Don and Becky Cameron


  1. Great news! Just don't open your doors for those little critters that enjoy startling you!

    1. I promise I won't!!! It only takes being startled by a baboon once!