Sunday, October 9, 2011


September was another busy month here in Kenya. 

The first weekend of September we traveled to the remote village of Enguli to preach at BSIB graduate Pastor Kinyalili's church. The "road" after we left the tarmac highway was long, bumpy and dusty. Thankfully it only took stopping for directions once and having a piki-piki (motorcycle) driver lead the way to find the church. We had about 180 people in church that day, and we all had a great time worshiping and sharing the Word of God together.

After sharing a typical Kenyan meal with them, we continued on to the village of Kibwezi where we met with Pastor Maunda to finalize the plans for a three day seminar on the book of Daniel in early October. Don and Pastor Maunda also traveled to a neighboring village to pray for the pastor of the church that will host the seminar who was in the hospital. They were so glad they went. After they prayed, God began to heal and strengthen his body immediately and the hospital sent him home that very day.

We enjoyed our time in Enguli and Kibwezi. God is knitting our hearts with the people of this area. We always enjoy returning to fellowship and share times of learning in the Word

Next week I'll share about other opportunities God has given us to serve in and around our home here in Nairobi. God has blessed us in allowing us to be part of His work. We are also very thankful to all of you who have prayed, given and encouraged us. We are humbled and grateful.

Serving God in Kenya,

Don & Becky Cameron.

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