Saturday, September 3, 2011


As the time approached for Kelly and I to travel to Nyamira, I began to get more and more excited about the beginning of the Bible School. Since returning to Kenya in April this year, Kelly and I had made a trip to meet with prospective students for the school. Becky and I then returned to collect applications in June while Kelly was in America for the BLM board meetings.

In the interim, Becky and I had spent 9 days in the Kitui area with evangelism and discipleship training. While working there we received very little rest, and so it took us a few days of recovery before I could even think about packing up for Nyamira. Then Kelly got ill about 2 weeks before the Bible School was to start. Even though still very ill, he decided to continue as planned.


We arrived in Nyamira on Sunday, August 14th.  Even before we reached the guest house, we were greeted by several of the pastors that were to be in the school who were very eager to get started.

Monday morning started very early for me. I left Kelly in bed so that he could save his strength for the official commencement of the school at noon. I had to oversee the final preparations of the kitchen, buy firewood and charcoal to cook with, get the church set up for the classes, find a store to buy books for the pastors to take notes in, find another table to use in the kitchen, get jugs to carry water, etc. By the time I picked up Kelly just before 11am, I felt like I had already put in a day’s work.

As pastors arrived and registration began all tiredness left. There was such excitement in the air. We ate lunch to-gether (beans and chapatti), fellow-shipped, and then all went back into the church to sing and praise God in anticipation of the first class at 2pm. It was a great day.

Kelly taught class all day Tuesday and Wednesday and got weaker and weaker. After class Wednes-day, I suggested to him that I drive him back to Nairobi the next day, but he wanted to try and finish the week. On Thursday morning, he was so weak that he agreed to leave.

It is now more than 1 week since we returned home, Kelly has found a new physician, started new therapy and he is finally getting better. Praise God. However he has not regained his strength enough to return to Nyamira for the September class.  Please pray that he will regain his strength soon.  He was much sicker than any of us realized and it may take some time for him to recover fully. Your prayers are greatly appreciated for him and for the pastors who are eagerly awaiting the return of the Bible school.

This Sunday Becky and I will visit Pastor Kinyalili Kivindyo's church about two hours from Nairobi where we will minister to his church.  From there we travel to Kibwezi for two days of preparation for our three day seminar on the Book of Daniel scheduled for October 3rd - 5th.

We thank you for your continued interest in the work we are doing here.  We feel even more that we are exactly where we need to be.  Thank you to those who help us continue our work!


Don & Becky

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