Sunday, October 16, 2011


It never ceases to amaze me how many opportunities we have here in Kenya to teach the Bible.  We have not only taught BSIB graduates, but God has given us additional opportunities to serve others here in Nairobi as well.

Last November Don met Vincent, a young Baptist seminary student.  Recently he met with Don and invited us to have lunch in his home and visit a home church he has planted at a tea and coffee plantation not far from our home.  We were very honored to visit in his home, share a meal and then go and visit the home church on the plantation (see photo).  There were 19-20 people in this tiny room, the Spirit of God was there, and we were encouraged to see the people eager to testify to what God was doing in their lives. 
Then on the last Monday and Tuesday of September, Don taught Old Testament Survey to seminary students in the Pangani slum here in Nairobi.  The school was founded and led by a Koran missionary who attends the bi-monthly Bible study in our home and lives two doors down from us.  There were about 40 pastors in attendance who have had little formal training.  What a challenge Don had trying to summarize the entire Old Testament in only 10 hours of lecture! I think the instructor and the students alike all learned a lot in those two days. 

Also in September I found two local ladies Bible studies to attend.  Having left such a wonderful group of ladies back in Texas, it was so refreshing to again study the Word of God with other women.  Both groups have women who have been on the mission field for many years.  One lady in particular came to Africa as a missionary the year I was born!  I was polite enough NOT to point that fact out to her!  She has given her entire life to ministering to the people of East Africa.

We want to say "THANK YOU" to all of you who have been praying and giving to help us work here in Kenya over the last SIX months!  It is amazing what we have seen God do through us!  We do know that without the love, prayers and support of our family and friends this outreach would not be happening.  Please know we are grateful and we do thank God for you!!!

Your missionaries in Kenya,

Don & Becky Cameron

P. S. In a few days I’ll post the report from our time in Kibwezi!

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