Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Last Saturday Don and I headed out on our first long distance trip alone. Our driver Jeremiah resigned, but Don said he could make the nine hour drive. I wasn’t so sure but I prayed and felt God saying “I’ve gotten you this far in Africa, trust Me.” Remarkably I was not fearful and for the most part I didn’t “help” Don drive!

Our destination was Carry the Light Orphanage in Usigu Kenya on the shore of Lake Victoria near the border between Kenya and Uganda. Our friend, Rachael Howington from Rockwall spends 3 to 6 months at a time there. The orphanage cares for 97 orphans. We took The Jesus Film equipment along to show the movie to the children and the community.

Saturday evening Pastor Joshua asked if I wanted to teach Sunday School to the adults. At first I declined because I was afraid I wasn’t prepared. Don said he would teach the class and preach in the main service as well. Later that evening I felt God telling me that I could teach what He has taught me about Bible study. So I began to outline what to say and He gave me illustrations and even a visual aid! Sunday morning I was eager to teach the class. I left them with the tools God had given me back in Texas last year! We reviewed and practiced. I now know I am sufficient because my sufficiency is from God.

Don preached on the Kingdom of God and that the Kingdom of God is here on earth. He told them the parables that Jesus taught on the Kingdom of God. God has given him such an insight into Kingdom living that is applicable to life no matter where you live.

Sunday afternoon Don and Pastor Joshua walked through the village. On their way to visit Elijah, a member of Joshua’s church, they saw a group of about 15 men sitting and talking. Don went and greeted them and introduced himself. He then said that he wanted to ask them a very important question. He asked them if they knew Jesus. They said yes. He then asked if Jesus was Lord of their lives. One man spoke up and said they were all Muslims. Don then replied that Jesus is the prophet “Isa” that is in their Koran and Isa is alive to this day! He invited them to come and learn more about the life of Isa from The Jesus Film we were showing the next night. Two or three of the men said they would come.

When Don and Joshua arrived at Elijah’s door, he invited them into his small house. They sat down and after the usual greetings Elijah looked at Don and said “I want you to teach me Bible." So Don sat with him and began telling him the story of Elijah’s life. When Don finished he showed Elijah in Elijah's own Bible the scriptures he just taught him. Don told him to read for himself, because when he reads for himself what the Word of God says, no man can lead him astray.

God truly showed Himself sufficient during our trip to Usigu. He was sufficient to provide the Sunday School lesson, when I was not. He was sufficient to share with the Muslims about their prophet Isa and use that as an opening to spread the Gospel. He was sufficient when a man just asked “teach me Bible."

“And we have such trust through Christ toward God. Not that WE are sufficient of ourselves to think of anything being from ourselves but our sufficiency is from God.” 2 Corinthians 3:4-5

Please pray that our time in Usigu will reap much fruit. Also pray for the 97 orphans and those that care for them that they will grow in the knowledge of God and His Kingdom!

We pray you will all have a wonderful celebration of Thanksgiving next week. We have truly added to our list of what we are thankful for this year!


Don and Becky

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