Tuesday, April 1, 2014


-by Vincent Mokaya

It was about 6:30 pm in Mobamba shopping center in Kebirigo Village of Nyamira County. The equipment that helps us to show the Jesus film was ready and awaiting sunset. In the background, Swahili gospel music was playing. Many people moved closer and some closed down their businesses to join us in the open air worship time. One young man, staggering, joined the crowd and began to dance to the music.

I knew it was time to speak to the people. My message was “Salvation by God’s Grace”. While I preached, with the help of our host pastor, Henry Kirwa, as my translator, the Holy Spirit of God moved among the people. This time I did not end the message as usual by offering an alter call since it was already dark enough to begin showing the Jesus’ film. I then handed over the ‘relay stick’ to James Oduor to begin the cinema.

From Left: Rev Mokaya, Geoffrey and Nyamoko
Amazingly, that young man who was so drunk came up and grabbed my hand, with tears dripping down his cheeks, and said to me,

“I know I am drunk. But I need Jesus in my life. I have been struggling for a long time.  Because of my habit of drinking, my wife deserted me with my two children. I have been kicked out of my father’s home and my body has bruises all over due to the beatings I receive from people while I am drunk. I need a new life. This is my day of salvation. What can I do to get saved? ”

This reminded me of a question that Don asked while we were discussing about salvation a couple weeks ago in his home. He asked, “What would you do if a person who is very drunk approached you and said ‘I want to be saved?’” The answer was: “I lead the person to confession and salvation prayer”. And so it was. He got saved! Amen. I introduced him Mr. Nyamoko, an elder from the host church, and he made a commitment to begin attending fellowship at the church.

The next day was Sunday. Geoffrey not only came to church but brought a friend who had also accepted Christ at the crusade the night before. Boldly before a congregation of more than 200 people, Geoffrey testified about his new beginning. Then as he requested prayer for his family to be restored, the entire church gathered around him to pray and offer their support for his new life in Christ.

BPM minister Rev Silas Odinga presenting a Swahili Bible to Goeffrey on Sunday morning after church.


BPM minister Rev Shadrack Maunda (center) with Geoffrey and his friend who also received Christ the night before.

 {FOLLOW UP NOTE: Geoffrey has been talking with Silas by phone many times since we left Kebirigo and is doing well.  His wife and children returned home to him and they were all in church last Sunday!]

Rev. Vincent Mokaya is a graduate of Wayland Baptist University, ordained by Kingsway Fellowship International and is pastor of First Baptist Church of Kawaida, Kenya. He is also a member of the Burning Plow Ministry Kenya Board of Directors and travels with BPM throughout southern Kenya as a Bible teacher and evangelist.

Thanks for reading the blog.  The Burning Plow Team leaves on April 3rd for our next outreach.  We ask for your prayers.  We will be gone 8 days and hold 2 seminars and show the JESUS film   Also continue to pray for Geoffrey and his family!

In His service,

Don and Becky Cameron

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