Sunday, February 9, 2014


I had never thought of us as bush whacking missionaries but we can now claim that title!  Thursday, January 23rd we loaded the first bike onto the roof of our car and headed out into the interior.  As we traveled the paved road, it became a sandy dirt road, it narrowed to a trail, then narrowed even more to a path.  Then we encountered a huge obstacle - low hanging trees!

Thoughts of “How are we going to get the bike through?” went through our heads!  We said a prayer, then pulled out the hack saw and tree loppers and set to trimming the trees!  “Be prepared” is the motto of the Boy Scouts and because Don had loaded the saw and pruners into our travel box we were able to get through.  We had to stop and trim back the trees six more times before reaching our destination.
As you can see, Mutua Muinde was happy we got through!

He lives a long distance from his church and village.  He had been making the trip on crutches.  We are so glad he now has wheels! 

Here he is with his pastor, his brother, mother and a neighbor!

We drove 26 miles back to Kibwezi to pick up the two remaining bikes and headed to the village of Masongalini where Matola Mbithi and Kenedy Muli were waiting on their bikes.  This route wasn’t nearly as challenging!

We were so pleased that Kenedy and Matolo were pleased with their new transport!  We were honored to be able to bless these men with their new bikes.  We also gave them a bag of rice, corn, beans, salt, tea and sugar.

Here are Kenedy and Matolo taking their first test drive down the main street of their village.  They are really rolling now!
A special thank you to all our partners for providing these three bikes and the food!  We love how God works though the people who pray and give to BPM.  It blesses us to be part of God’s plan to bless others!
Please continue to pray for us as we hold our first Foundations of Our Faith seminar for 2014 this week.  It will be our first time to hold a class in this rural area which is about 2 1/2 hours from Nairobi.
In His Service, because He said go!
Don and Becky Cameron  

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