Friday, July 29, 2011

Wow, What A Week!!!!

God met us in Kitui Town and in the surrounding villages this last week!  We are amazed at what He did in the Christian Discipleship Classes.

Don prepared detailed lesson plans with Scripture references and notes covering 12 basic discipleship topics.  Each participant was given a copy of these lesson plans in a bound book when they registered.  We felt very strongly that they needed to have these notes to use when they teach the class to others in their church.  The class was offered to the graduates of Bible School in a Briefcase and two other leaders/teachers from each of their churches.  

The first Discipleship Class was held Saturday and Sunday in Chuluni, a small village located a few miles from Kitui.  Seven BSIB graduates and 26 others attended the class.  Upon completing the entire two day course, each participant was given a Bible.  We provided the Bibles because we felt we could not train the teachers without equipping them with a Bible.

On Monday and Tuesday we held the Discipleship Class in the much larger town of Kitui.  Ten BSIB graduates and 17 teachers/church leaders attended.

Tuesday afternoon concluded our time of teaching.  We were very encouraged by the desire of the pastors and their church leaders to learn and share the training on discipleship.

We do want to thank those of you who pray, give and encourage us!  There is such a need to teach and encourage the pastors/leaders.  It is an honor and privilege to be working here.  We do need your help to continue our work.

In His service,
Don & Becky

Next time, preaching in Kilonzo and the showing of The Jesus Film in three villages….Check back in a few days to learn what other exciting things God did in and around Kitui!

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