Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Our Work Continues....

Our work here has taken us to Nyamira to scout out a venue  for the next Bible School in a Briefcase and collect applications from pastors.  The area is beautiful and the air is cool and fresh.  We toured three venues around the village.  One is in a corn field next to the main highway.  Another is high on the mountain top and the third is near town.  We are looking for a church that is centrally located in the town with plenty of room, with good lighting and place for the kitchen.  Please pray that we can find a good location soon.
A member of the Kenyan Board of BLM, Pastor Paul Sitati, went with us.  Pastor Paul has been praying for many years that the Bible School in a Briefcase would come to Nyamira.  He collected the applications and made sure the applications were complete.  He pastors a church in Nairobi but his heart was that the pastors in Nyamira would have the opportunity to attend Bible School.  This is  the type of  people we are privileged to work with!

Our next trip is this weekend (June 25-26) to Kitui.  We will meet with Pastor Ambrose Muluvo Wingi to prepare for a discipleship training class.  After we hold the training we will return to Kitui and show The Jesus Film in July.  We realize the importance of having people trained to lead the new believers in discipleship BEFORE we show the movie.  Discipleship  training is vital to new believers becoming active and growing believers.

The church we attend, New Song, encourages members to also meet outside of church and so we have opened our home for Bible study and fellowship.  We have met twice with between 10-12 each time.  Mary, one of the neighbors, told me last time how happy she was that we were here teaching Bible!  That means so much to us!  Don is teaching on discipleship and doing a great job.

We want to thank everyone who continues to pray for our work here and give so we can go out into the villages to train and encourage the pastors in their home churches.  We are able to do our work because God has prompted others to give. 


Don and Becky

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