Monday, May 9, 2011


Last Tuesday and Wednesday (May 3-4) Don drove Kelly Johnson to meet with potential students of the Bible School in a Briefcase in the village of Nyamira, Kenya. Nyamira is a hard five hour drive from Nairobi. I stayed at home and caught up on paperwork. Some things are the same no matter where you live!

Here are Don’s journal notes from the trip…….

Our new car got its first real test driving up a steep and rocky mountain path, so narrow in places that vegetation was touching both sides of the vehicle. In one section, the angle of the road crossways was enough to be unnerving!

We finally reached the mountain church where we could actually turn around. Our destination was Pastor Henry’s house that was built into the slope of the mountain. We took tea and chapati, then prayed God’s blessings on the home and family before we departed. The mountainside was gorgeous. Everything is emerald green. Vegetation grows on every inch of soil. There are tea fields, bananas, maize (corn), beans. It was truly beautiful.

Our meeting with the pastors interested in attending Bible School took place in a small church made of sticks and mud.

The church was surrounded by field of maze (corn). The men and one lady were demonstrably interested. As the meeting progressed each one’s excitement grew and they began to feed on each other’s excitement. I’ll be surprised if there is even one that doesn’t sign up………….Don

We want to thank all of you who have been praying for us! We are asking those who wish to join us in prayer.

· Don is submitting immigration paperwork today. Please pray for favor with the Kenyan government. This can be a very drawn out process.

· Pray for the Johnsons and us as we prepare to host a team of 16 from Christ for Nations for three weeks of non-stop ministry. It will be exciting and we know prayer makes all the difference in the success of mission trips.

Next time I’ll share Don’s “Forgive Me” story! It is amazing!!

We love and appreciate your prayers and support! May God richly bless you for your heart for missions!

In HIS service,

Don and Becky
Kenya, East Africa

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