Sunday, January 16, 2011


Wow, it has been too long since I posted our last blog! So much has happened and now most of it is “old news”!

I guess the “old news” is we returned to Rockwall from Kenya on December 6th. The “new news” is we are only here for a few months before we return for a two year assignment working with Biblical Life Ministries!!!

I know, this is not a shock to anyone who know us and our heart for Kenya! We knew fairly soon after we arrived in Kenya that there are things that we can do to help further God’s Kingdom. God showed us in so many ways how He has gifted us and groomed us to work in Kenya.

All the opportunities that have opened up for us are in line with our work with Biblical Life Ministries. We are not going off on our own, we are under the leadership of the Johnsons. By partnering with BLM we can accomplish what God is calling us to do and further the work that has already been established.

I will take on the administrative work in the BLM office in Kenya. With my experience in working for ministries over the last 11 years this will be a good fit for me and the ministry. I am currently handing the BLM US office so I am already working from this side of the world! With the use of laptops and Internet I can work in the field with Don and also handle the office.

Don enrolled in the Berean School of the Bible to expand his teaching and preaching skills. He just completed the Synoptic Gospels and has begun Old Testament Survey.

Our projected date of departure is sometime in April. Don is still working for WalMart and handling estate business for his family. All of that is keeping him really busy! My job in the next few months will be to continue working at the BLM office and packing and storing our “stuff”. We have found someone to lease our house (and care for our dogs - thanks Keith).

We know that the reason our time in Kenya in 2010 was so fruitful was because of the prayers of those who supported what we were doing. We are leaving our jobs and stepping out in faith that God will provide all that is needed to reach and teach the rural pastors and church leaders that desperately desire and need what we have to share.

I will post more details about the ministry opportunities we want you to partner with us on in the weeks to come. God did so much in the three months we were there and we believe that was only a small taste of what He has for us to do for Him! Come join us!

Missionaries to Kenya East Africa!

Don and Becky Cameron
Biblical Life Ministries
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